Tuesday, November 15, 2016



This week was really nice, mostly because my last 3 days it wasnt hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it was cloudy and raining.  My trip was normal 10.5 hours in the bus....  

I cant believe it, I have tried my best, and I have been able to help  lots of people.    I'm really excited to see you and the rest of the family in a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the pictures, 

Love you,

Elder Wilde

Friday, November 11, 2016

Coming Home Soon

NOTE:  Michael will be completing his 2 year mission and returning home on Wednesday November 16th.  We are so excited!!!

Sunday was really nice. With my companion we took advantage of the fast, we went out early and invited people to Church.  Two new investigators, the dad of a family,  and another guy. They are doing well. The family couldn't come this Sunday but we're working hard there. We almost had 100 attendance in total.    We are so busy we are teaching so many people. It's hard to organize the appointments sometimes haha.   The pictures are me and my companion in the jungle,  the river Tambopata in my sector, and a family that me and my second companion started teaching, since I left the whole family has been baptized.  I'm going to eat lunch with them on Saturday.    
I'm going to search out my convert Oliver today, I'm going to buy some stuff in the market, and get ready.  


Elder Wilde

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Working Hard Right Up to the End

How was Church?!?   What!!!!  When does Nathan (Reed) leave for Mexico (for his mission)?    This week we had a good conference Saturday morning a training from President Herrera and the assistants, it was nice.  After we ate cake for the monthly birthday's  and President hopped on a plane back to Cusco.   

This week we went to teach a family of investgiators, the oldest son Eric has come home from Arequipa, before the missionaries visited him. We were going to watch The Restoration https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2008-06-01-the-restoration?lang=eng with them but there was no tv remote and we could not change the language to Spanish!    So we talked about the Book of Mormon, the third oldest son, had read the 1st chapter and told us the story, we read half of the chapter with them, and they commited to read it and come to Church, we offered to drop by and pick them up.   Sunday morning we walked to their house only 2 kids Cesar and Aderson were ready so we went with them, Milagros (the mom) showed up with 2 more kids before the Sacrament, she liked it and said that next week she's going to bring her husband and 2 older sons.  We're really excited to go visit them this week.   

I'm doing fine, I'm coming to the reality that my mission will finish.  I'm going to start to tell select people this week, because this Sunday will be my last opportunity to take pics with people after church. My bus leaves the following Sunday at 9am.

I'm working really hard with my companion, We're finding lots of new people and seeing lots of miracles.


Elder Wilde

Monday, October 31, 2016


It's great to hear from you, that's sad you couldn't go to church but I heard you do your own sacrament meetings??    That's nice that the ward came over to help out with some service, I'll have to see the yard when I get back. Send me some pictures of the dinner please!!!!!!!!!!!!    wow that concert sounds cool, and I didn't know that there is a new arena in sacramento!!! when did they build it?  I think I'm a little out of the loop but I expected that.

This week was really interesting,  A youth named Randy that I used to visit with my trainer (he was less active)  opened his mission call this Sunday. He's going to Bolivia. It's insane to see how stuff finishes, from visits I did two years ago, now he's going to be a full time missionary. 

I was in a work visit with a District Leader from the Zone (Elder Lopez) I was in his sector, and we were walking to an appointment , we were crossing an intersection, and as I was crossing I looked to the left and saw a motokar coming, I stopped in the street because I thought I recognized the driver , he pulled right up shook my hand gave me a hug and said' Elder Wilde what are you doing around here again?'   I was really surprised it was Ivan (from when I got in the motorcycle crash in my training and he took us back to the city from the boonies.)  I was so happy to see him , we talked for a while, we got his info because he is an investigator. He took us in his motokar, to the house we're walking to haha. I made the missionary swear to me that he would call him and take out an appointent. Today I'm going to do the follow up.    

This week we have a conference with President Herrera, I'll send pics of my last zone conference :(


Elder Wilde

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meeting Old Friends


I did have a really good week. We did not have a baptism, but the week was still really good. We helped a lot of people out.  We taught a bunch of people, I'm teaching Vanesa and Limber my first pensionista, we're helping them read the book of Mormon.  We are also helping another young man from the ward to get ready to go on a mission, he goes on visits with us and wants to learn more.  WHAT, hey could you send me Jonah's email please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We didn't have that many investigators in church but a good amount of less actives came, we're working hard with them. 

About traveling I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get home later, because of flight delays etc,   I can't wait to see Sawyer,  Mom you too thanks for writing me, 

We went to Cusco this week and I ran into Elder FIncher(I trained him in Sicuani), well after his training he was asigned to be District Leader and train a new missionary!!!!!!,  thats a picure of Elder Yangali(mi nieto) Elder Fincher(mi hijo) Elder Wilde.

Have a great week.


Elder Wilde

Monday, October 10, 2016

General Conference

It's great to hear from you.  Yes I did enjoy General Conference!!  I took a lot of notes, I watched it in English with an Ecuatoriano Elder Ordoñez because there were no other gringo Elders in the zone.  He really liked to hear their real voices for the first time in his life. He understood the majority of it. He said he's not going to watch in Spanish anymore.  I heard part of Elder Uceda's talk.  There were some mechanical problem's with the broadcast so I missed part of the first session.  But I heard half of his talk. He is a really powerful speaker, he came to Cusco when I was in Abancay, we traveled to see him.  He also came to a conference in Abancay and I talked to him for a moment after the conference, he speaks really good English.  He learned it in his mission.  He was area president here. 
Mom I hope your doing well, I'm doing fine here just sweating a lot, WE HAVE TO GO EAT APPLE DONUTS!!!!! wow I hope you keep doing better with your treatments. 

Here in my sector we're working really hard we're finding a bunch of new people I'm excited to keep working but I know the end is right around the corner. I don't know what I'm gonna do.  I'm talking to the office about travel info, Are you sure that they didn't send you it already?  but they are going to send me my itinerary next week.  I'm getting into Sacramento at about midnight Wednesday (11/16/2016)......

                                                         that's a picture of our Zone


Elder Wilde

Sunday, October 2, 2016

More Baptisms - September 26th

The baptism was great.  Lucero was baptized and it was a really nice experience, she said she just felt so happy. My companion Elder Peña performed the ordinance.   Also some other people were baptized I'll send a group photo also!!!!

My Sabbath was really interesting it was cloudy so the city felt like a sauna.  We visited a lot of families, we were working and walking a lot.  We visited a convert family because the dad had gone to work in an illegal mining camp, and we went to talk with him about  all the dangers that are out there. He understood, we were direct.   We also visited some investigators a family that has listened to the missionaries for 3 years, we are going to try to get them going again, and excited.  I'm also visiting my ex pensionista from when I started my mission, the goal is to get them married before I come home, they want me to baptize the husband, I can't believe it it's insane. One investigator came to church Xiomara she has a date for 10/7. She's really excited.

Puerto is doing really well, we are all working really hard to meet our goals and go over them. I'm going to take a picture of the zone, this week and send it home. This week are the transfers, 3 missionaries here are finishing also. I'll write about it all next week. Tell everybody hi from me.



Saturday, September 24, 2016

Machu Picchu

Yeah so In a brief summary I left Puerto Sunday morning and I got to Cusco at night (11.5 hours on the bus) the next day I got up at 1 am and we got ready and took a bus, to a place in the sacred valley called Ollantaytambo. From there we took a (narrow gauge) train to Machu Picchu pueblo, we got there at 6 something, Then we took another bus to the ruins, it was so cool when we showed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We started climbing, all the other tourists were slow, and tired we pretty much ran up the mountain because we're  all used to more altitude. Machu Picchu is about 2000 meters and where I was in Puno is 3800 meters.  WE explored the whole city I took a LOT of pictures, we finished early so with some elders we entered in again. WE went up Machu Picchu for a SECOND TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I WENT UP TWICE!!!!!    It was a blast.  There were so many people here  I heard so many languages there.   It was amazing I'll show all the pictures when I get back.  I was really tired we left for Ollantaytambo at 6:30 and we got there 8:30 ish, then we couldn't find the bus to take us back!!!!!!!   We were starting to get worried but we found the guy, we got back to Cusco at 11 at night.   Now some Puerto news.

When I left the District Conference had a good attendance,  and we were getting the zone ready for the baptismal service this Saturday. Our investigator Lucero is going to be baptized on Saturday she's really excited and getting ready.  It wasn't that hot this week it was in 40 C a little above.  I'll send pictures of the service next Monday.

Mom I hope your fine and that you feel well in your treatments.  I love you.

Elder Wilde

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 12th

Thanks again for the package. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah we got back from Cusco, on Wednesday afternoon, just in time for lunch. We started working right away to make up for the lost time. We worked really hard this week, and we were able to still meet our goals even though we were in Cusco a couple days.  The picture is me and Elder Choque from Bolivia he's the only other elder from my group that's a Zone Leader. He's really nice, We're buds since Lima.      

This week we found more people and we're going to keep working as hard as we can, I leave this Sunday in the morning to travel to Cusco. I'm coming back Tuesday (maybe on plane for zone leader percs haha) and we're gonna keep at it here.      It's great to be out here mom, there is sometimes some zone stuff to do, like plan meeting or take sick people to the hospital, but it's all part of the job.

I know you'll be well mom, Don't worry, .  Next p-day I'll be in Machu Picchu.  I'll try to write Tuesday.


Elder Wilde

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Work Progresses and a Trip to HQ in Cusco

Thanks for the letter mom, it makes me sad to hear about all your treatments, but I know it's so you get better faster. I know that everything will come out fine. I know how it is I'm starting to get tired too, but I just keep going I don't really know how. I count that as a blessing, to keep going because I'm doing it for a purpose. 

Yes I just got the package!!!!!!! thanks so much  I love it  I picked it up yesterday. Oh yeah I'm in Cusco right now. The plans changed and we traveled yesterday after the 3rd hour. Took a plane to Cusco.  Some more news is that I'm going to go to Machu Picchu in 2 weeks.  I'm really excited for that I'll send a bunch of pictures.  

Mom don't worry I'm always going to work hard, I've done that since I started and I don't plan on stopping or slowing down the pace. We're seeing lots of miracles and experiences here, we know that so that's why we work to find our mission or purpose here.

Mom I'm praying for you, and I know prayers are answered, we just need to trust in the Lord and accept his will.     I`ll send pictures with families next week. The river Tambopata is really low that's a picture out in a dock by my sector and the other is me in the mission office with Julie's package she sent me.

We are doing really well we're coming out of a slump with power and the same with the Zone we're finding lots of people and teaching them, lots of families. We have a family with a baptismal date for September 24th they are very happy. We are planning a big service in our District because in the Zone there are 17 people with baptisms scheduled for the 24th!!! We're working really hard the Zone is trying it's best and we are having a lot of success that hasn't been seen in a while here. I know missionary work isn't about numbers, but it's usually an indicator if people are working good.  

With my companion we do a daily follow of the Zone about how everything is doing with the District leaders and Friday we have an in person meeting with them and they go over their Districts progress and we exchange ideas about how to help the Zone. I'm doing well I'm happy. My Zone is the best. We've got the best leaders helping us, and we're all in the same cause.

Tomorrow we have the Misson Leadership Council, we will address problems and concerns in the mission with the other Zone Leaders, Assistants, President and the Sister Trainers,

They say that there is a big agenda ,  there are a bunch of new leaders now,     I`ll write about it next week

Yeah this week my Pensionista's fence fell down and I fixed it up by prying out the old nails  and flipping the boards. I only had a hammer hahaha but it's a nice fence now.

Yeah I'm ready to work at home.


Elder Wilde

Saturday, September 3, 2016

This week was pretty good it was hot but not as hot as it was before, it was cloudy some days so there wasn't that much sunshine!!!!!! 

We got the sisters' room ready and they got there fine. I also picked up my companion Elder Peña it is really hot for him because he came from Puno to the jungle, and he's never been in a hot sector before. haha

This week we've been working really hard to find new people, we've found a bunch of new families, and they have a lot of potential, we'll keep visiting this week.  Next pday I'm probably going to write late because I'm going to travel to Cusco for the mission leadership council. but I'll write!!!!!!!!       

hmmm about classes I'll talk to Laura about that and find out a solution, but what does credit hours mean??????

So Sunday I ran into the same gringo I ran into 13  months ago!!!!!!!!!!  He was from Lodi.  We had a big talk he's pretty cool, I'm going to stay in contact with him when I get home,  

Mom I hope  you'll keep getting better and be happy.


Elder Wilde
This week was pretty good it was hot but not as hot as it was before, it was cloudy some days so there wasn't that much sunshine!!!!!! 

We got the sisters' room ready and they got there fine. I also picked up my companion Elder Peña it is really hot for him because he came from Puno to the jungle, and he's never been in a hot sector before. haha

This week we've been working really hard to find new people, we've found a bunch of new families, and they have a lot of potential, we'll keep visiting this week.  Next pday I'm probably going to write late because I'm going to travel to Cusco for the mission leadership council. but I'll write!!!!!!!!       

hmmm about classes I'll talk to Laura about that and find out a solution, but what does credit hours mean??????

So Sunday I ran into the same gringo I ran into 13  months ago!!!!!!!!!!  He was from Lodi.  We had a big talk he's pretty cool, I'm going to stay in contact with him when I get home,  

Mom I hope  you'll keep getting better and be happy.


Elder Wilde

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'm glad to hear that your doing well with your recovery, and that everybody knows what they're doing. 

So my companion Elder Niaupari is in Cusco right now, to go home. And my new companion is Elder Peña he's from Bolivia, he's a quiet guy. He's coming from my sector in Puno to be Zone Leader here, I'm going to hear about how Puno Central is doing, I'm happy for that.   We're also opening up a sector here, right now I'm trying to get all the stuff the two new sisters will need, bed frames, desks, a bunch of stuff!!!

The baptism of Nicole was really nice, she was  a little nervous, but I baptized her just fine, she was so happy, I didn't listen to her testimony because I was still changing in the bathroom when they had her talk, I was kind of bummed but yeah that's life, I also confirmed her Sunday morning, in Sacrament Meeting. 

Another investigator is Lucero she is progressing and her boyfriend is a member and she came to church yesterday for the second time, The problem is that her parents are super religious to another church and said they will throw her out of the house!!!!  yeah it's an interesting situation.   I'll inform more about how the zone is doing!!!

Tell me about everything at home, I looked at a calendar today and I realized that I'm going to be home in like 3 months!!!!! I'm going to Machu Picchu this change also.

So my new companion is a quiet Boliviano, he's a new leader, and had like 2-3 months as District Leader so I'm going to be helping him a lot .

 Right now I'm working on opening a sector that's been closed for almost  a year, it should be interesting!!!

We are working with the Branch and District to get stuff moving, it should be good, we're working to get the Zone better. to meet our goals!!!!


Elder Wilde

Saturday, August 20, 2016

How's the church doing? I'm doing fine, we had a baptism this week and we have one planned for next week,  We're working hard to find new people. It's my companions last week so we put a goal to have 100 street contacts to go out with a bang. haha 

We have several more potential investigators to be baptized, It's looking bright.

This is  going good we're working with the branch council to help it function better.  I went to my old branch and I visited a bunch of people that were dropped by the way side, and now I'm showing the Elders where they all live to give them more chances.

This week an Elder fell playing soccer and his leg got so swollen that we took him to the hospital and they said he had a mass of dead blood growing in his leg and that we needed to take it out. We consulted Cusco and they said go for it before there was an infection so they operated on him cut it open and so much blood came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a video of the whole thing, I'll show it at home. but he got cleaned up and he rested for a couple days and now he's fine.

I'll write about the baptism next week and who my new companion is.

The baptism on Saturday went really well, there was a lot of people there, and refreshments!!!!!!!!!!   My companion Elder Niaupari baptized her , without mistakes. haha   It was a really good experience. She bore her testimony after and there was a very strong spirit there.

This Saturday we have another baptism of her step sister Nicole, she passed her interview, and she asked me to baptize her, It's a great privilege and blessing to do that this Saturday, I'll send a picture next week .yeah.  

This is my companion's last week he's going to travel to Cusco this Saturday or Sunday to go back to Ecuador. So next week I'll have a new companion!!!!!!!!!!   This p day we're going to play soccer, and that's why I really don't send much pictures because we only play soccer. haha  

I hope you keep feeling better and that all the medicine helps you get better faster. I knew everything was going to be fine!!!!!


Elder Wilde

Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 8th

Yeah so this week we had the conference, It was pretty good. We're working hard here, it's really hot here, summer is just getting started!!!!!!!!! 

I know all will go well in your surguries mom, I'm praying and fasting for you.  I love you mom

Wow I know everything is going to work out fine with mom,  It's comforting to know that.   So we're going to have a baptism this Saturday and another the next one, we're super busy. Life's not as simple anymore, there's lots of stuff to do now. Now I'm on the receiving end, when I was District Leader, and I would call the Zone Leaders about something that was happening, and I thought they had all the magical answers, now I know exactly how lost they felt!!!!!!!!!!!  There will always be people who haven't learned yet.   We're coordinating a lot with the District and Branch to try to change things up so that there's more growth.

I'm doing fine.


Elder Wilde

Thursday, August 4, 2016

He didn't have dengue!!!!

Hey it's good to hear the camping trip was fun, it was pretty hot this week I wanted to be in the Redwoods not in the jungle. haha

This week had a lot of interesting events, first starting the week off, while I was in a work visit with a District Leader, and we got news that an Elder was sick and had dengue symptoms, so I called Cusco and they said get him to the hospital, we got him there and started doing tests, they came back with probability of dengue, but for me he looked a lot better. I called Cusco and told them the lab results, and that I didn't think it was dengue, but the President said to buy the medicine so I bought a bunch of medicine, for this kid, like the doctor said and HE DIDN'T HAVE DENGUE after all, just a really bad heat stroke. So what I learned this week was not to jump the gun!!!!!!

This week we had an appointment with an investigator with a date for the 13th, she introduced us to her step sister Nicole,  we talked gave her a Book of Mormon, invited her to pray, the next day we went back and her sister had explained to her the whole Restoration and she accepted a baptismal date for the 20th!!!!!!!  It was amazing. 

Mom I hope all goes well in your surgeries I'm praying for you !!

I have not received a package yet. but I'll call Cusco today.

I'm running into all the people I met before. I'm in the same internet cafe as one convert right now, and I just saw the other on the way here. I was crossing a street, and a person yelled at me from a taxi, I looked and I recognized Oliver, (I hadn't been able to find him yet) he was yelling at me, I instinctively  started to back track and I almost got taken out by a pick truck the was coming in really fast. !!!!!  Almost died!!!  But gosh I want to talk to Oliver so bad, he's not active, and I'm gonna have a good talk with him. 
We're finding a lot of prepared people this week it's really good here, President is coming this week for a Zone Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It'll be interesting.

Thanks for all the info, its reassuring to know more.   I told Laura this but during the week for me it's hard to remember about mom, at first I thought I was bad, then I realized it was the Lord's way to help, and just be lost in the work here. I usually remember at night, before I go to bed, but during the day, I'm just soooo busy!!!!  

We're working hard here as a Zone to get the work going good again, the Zone was the best in the mission but it's gone down a lot, since my times.(a lot has happend)  We're trying to put the foundations for a Stake, work with the members and work on branch councils, get PEC going, and efficient home teaching. This is the way to get a stake. Not in my time, in the future, but we need to work with that goal in mind.  We're happy and working hard


Elder Wilde

Monday, August 1, 2016

Life is good in the jungle - July 25th


 Life's doing good here in Puerto.  To answer your question , it's so great to see all the people I met, I can't handle it almost!!!!!!!!!!  This week we flew to Cusco for a leadership conference. Every month we have this conference and we get to FLY there from here!!!!!haaha it makes me so happy not to go on the bus anymore (12 houts each way).  It was really good, we had a big conference of all the Zone Leaders there, we talked about how the mission was doing and how we can be better.

Today we went to the Serpentario again, it was cool I took a boa picture again, I was a lot more awake this time, the girl that worked there, offered to loop it around my neck, but I was like nah I'm good, don't want to die today. haha

I don't have too much time, so I'll sum everything up fast. 1. We had a baptism 2. We have others planned 3. We were in part of our sector called Chapajal and we were walking and we decided to knock on a door, we didn't know we we just felt to. I presented myself and our message, the person, said yeah come in, they brought us chairs and we taught a family of 5 people!!!! it was so cool, such a good experience, it's something I like about Puerto, the people are so open, sometimes a little to much but It's the best.  Always give water or soda ...   

Yeah I hope mom is able to have good surgeries I'll keep praying for everything to come out all right.    
 I'm doing fine, just sweating a lot more than in Puno!!!!!!!!  I'll do better next week

Oh for my birthday, my pensionista got me a cake and did a small party, it was really nice.


Elder Wilde

                                                            A picture with the Zone

Friday, July 22, 2016

Back to the jungle

 It's hot here Just like it was before!!!!!! I'm just not used to heat after being in  the cold.   I'm glad you're all fine,  My companion is Elder Niaupari from Quito Ecuador, he's pretty cool.  We met a long time ago.  It's really weird seeing all the people I've met, and where they are now,  I walked in yesterday and I saw one of my investigators Melvin passing the sacrament, I was shocked!!!  I also talked to another family I found with Elder Segura that was baptized a little bit a go, I couldn't believe it, .   So the Elders in my old branch, are opening the sector like I did 2 years ago so they don't know anybody, so I went Friday to show them around their sector. I was surprised about how many people I remembered, and really happy to see them, and everyone was freaking out to see me.  I ran into my pensionista at the chapel the first night, she saw me get out of the motokar, and she started jumping, and we were both really happy.    We're working hard here in Tambopata it's fun,  and we're ready to keep the zone going good.  I'll send more updates next week. Sorry no pictures, I left my camera cable in Sicuani, but we're traveling to Cusco this week so I'll get it then.


Elder Wilde

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Mom and Dad,

Wow I honestly didn't see this coming at all.  But I'm fine. If there's anything I've learned it's to trust in God, and not lean into my own understanding.  I will be praying and fasting and doing everything I can to help.     From what you've said it doesn't seem super dangerous and hopefully we can get it out fast and get on with life.

Well I'll just tell you guys now I have a transfer to Puerto Maldonado, I'm going to a different branch it's called Tambopata. I'm going as Zone Leader to  the Zone where I started.    This week the ward had 98 attendance, and hopes are high, my kid Elder Fincher will keep up the good work here I hope.   
 I will keep working my best and try to be the best missionary I can be, don't worry about me, Dad just take care of Mom. 

Love you a lot,

Elder WIlde

Monday, July 11, 2016

This week was pretty good, not that many investigators came to church but we did have some less actives and more people came than last week.  

So President Herrera got to Cusco and we are travelling to Cusco today for a special mission conference to meet him. We are leaving at noon and getting back late tonight.  I'll write next week about how he his, he's young, he has 2 daughters 7, and 10 years old. The mission's gonna have kids in it now.    We don't have any baptisms planned right now, we have investigators but we are focusing on strengthing the ward and getting it working right now.  Elder Fincher is getting the hang of it  he's picking up spanish pretty good, its not perfect but its better than before haha.  Wow Sawyers gonna be 2 that's insane I want to see him so bad. !!!!!!!!   Wow the time is going by fast I'm almost halfway done training elder Fincher then I've got 3 months left.....

So yesterday I went to contact people in the Paza De Armas with my kid, and I saw two gringas there, they looked like adventists or something like that, they walked by and waved at us, and they were members from California and Idaho  here working for the church.  The Californian spoke Spanish pretty good she said she served in Argentina Comodora Rivadavia, I asked if she knew Jake Cano, and she did!!!!!!!!!!!  it's a small world, it was cool

We're doing good I'm going to write more next week about President Herrera.


Elder Wilde

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yeah so this week was good I'm not gonna send pictures today because my SD card, and USB  both got viruses the other day and I almost lost everything!!!!!!   Well I did lose it but I went and got most recovered, so I'm going to be planning how to send pictures without plugging in my stuff so I don't lose anything.  So this week was good, not a whole bunch of people came this Sunday we were in the 60's again, because there was a parade so everybody went there instead of the church, but that's life here.  This week was good, we are working hard with the members to get the ward going good.  It's really interesting, this type of work.

ummm  so you guys said you wanted to pick me up right now I made a small budget (preliminary)  and all intersector travel not counting going to Lima would be about S./2337. or $708  I think that's not to bad, It's going to all 4 sectors, in plane to Puerto Maldonado. But I haven't planned hotels or food.  

This week we're gonna have a bunch of leadership meetings to get the ward going and It's gonna be a success


Elder Wilde

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Saying Goodbye to President Harbertson

I'm happy to read the letter.    About Father's Day I hope it was really good.  Sunday we had Family Home Evening and I shared a message about Fathers the 2000 Stripling Warriors dad's,  because their Mothers always taught them, because their Dads had died instead of breaking their covenant with god, leaving the perfect example of obedience and exactness for their children.

Wow that sounds like a real fun trip, sorry for writing late.  This week was really good.  We had a new investigator Ayben.   He's progressing really well and wants to be baptized and we will facilitate that!!!!!!!!!!   Sunday 2 kids came that are investigators they also want to be baptized its a weird situation normally we can't baptize kids younger than 14 if they don't have an active responsible adult in their house.  Their dad's are less active, but the bishop is their uncle we're gonna get permission from Cuzco to baptize them.  Tomorrow I have my last interview with President Harbertson,

Yeah so today we went to the 2nd tallest mountain in Peru  it's outside of a Pueblo Pitumarca. It was crazy!!!!!!! WE were so high up there I had a hard time breathing when we got to the snow, and  my head was throbbing, but it was so coooool,  best pday every,   we got up to the beginning of the glacier it was so high!!!!   it took a while to get down hahaha  but we all made it!!!!!!!!!   

I climbed a giant hill today I'm tired; it's late; I love you, I have to go.  I'm so tired and sun burned.  


Elder Wilde

Monday, June 20, 2016


wait Royce is home!!!!!   wow the time goes by fast. I hope you give the talk in a couple weeks,  I hope they plan my talk good so I don't get 5 minutes at the end.

That vacation sounds fun, everyone always asks me where I'm from in California, they think I'm from Southern California and always go to the beach and I have to explain that Northern California exists and people live there!!!!  and its not all sunny beaches. haha

So the baptism went well, Jose was baptized by his best friend Washington (who was baptized one month before).  It was really nice, Washington was nervous but I practiced with them how to baptize, and he did it perfectly, in one try.  It was really nice,  my kids first baptism in the mission.   Also 3 people showed up Sunday they just walked in and wanted to learn more, we taught them they want to be baptized it was so cool!!!!!!!!!.   We are also focusing on visiting the members and meeting every single one, and getting them to trust the missionaries.

There's a lot of work to do,  and we're working really hard,  the church has a lot of potential here they just have to tap into it.


Elder Wilde

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Training Elder Fincher

Yeah those baptisms were great !!!!!! finished strong in Puno.   So my ward is a lot smaller than my ward in Puno. I've pretty much gotten used to it I'm not lost like in Puerto. I'm getting to know the people, the area book is in good shape and it's helping a lot (the first time that's happened in my mission).  My kids name is Elder Fincher he's from the Orem, Utah. It's cool because he is super willing to be a good missionary.  I'm trying my best to teach him to be a good missionary, how to teach and most importantly speak Spanish hahaha.  I'm trying to only speak Spanish with him, only Spanish, we'll see how long I hold out.   We have an investigator that's going to be baptized this Saturday.  His name is Jose.  I'll send pictures of the baptism next week.  We're planning to climb a hill that's even farther away next pday so I'll see how we do with writing!!!!!!!!

I'm happy I'm doing exercises a lot, the Zone Leader we live with Elder Yorgeson is pretty cool and we always do weights in the morning and night.(we went running also!!!!!!!!)

I know this work and Church are true, I've seen it and felt it so many times in these months.  When I started out it wasn't that strong, but now it is strong and like Moroni said 'and I will not deny it' .  For me there have been so many moments when I was guided by the Spirit or when Grampy passed away and I was in my room crying with my trainer, and I was destroyed I had just talked to (the Mission) President and my trainer was trying to comfort me.  I think I said this part in the Skype call we had that day that I was so sad, and I said the words that I wouldn't see him again, and I realized that I would and he won't be sick and he'll be perfectly fine.  From that moment I just stopped crying, I got myself together and went to work,  walking around sweating I fortified that,  teaching the Plan of Salvation I felt I gave a really powerful testimony, I'm not a guy that cries but I cried in the lesson that day as I testified of the Resurrection and this perfect plan. I studied diligently prayed, and now I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true and this is the true Church it wasn't easy but I'm so glad I know now.

So Sicuani's cool.  I'm in a ward but 70-80 people go every week.  We had a meeting with the Stake President and we're going to work on a plan to help the ward.   I met with the leaders and I'm trying to get a plan together , I bought a plan of the ward that's like a square yard, and I'm going to plot everything and organize everything.  I showed the mission leader what I'm thinking of doing, he got excited and he's going to help us implement it by July.  He told me that he thinks us two are meant to come right now and pretty much get the ward jump started.    

in the hill Sicuani is that blur far off

                                                        that's me in the plaza in Cuzco


Elder Wilde

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Transferred to Sicuani

Sorry for writing late there were some mixups in the mission, there are some transport problems so we all had to travel Monday morning not Tuesday morning so I'm in pday right now!!!!   Sunday afternoon the Zone Leaders told me that I had a transfer from Puno to another town called Sicuani.  I'm going to open the sector training!!!!!!!  Im so excited. I'm in Cusco and I'm so happy. It's gonna be just like when I started my mission, opening a sector.    I'm sad to leave my sector in Puno.  I  almost didn't get to say goodbye to anyone just like in Puerto.  Last Saturday  was a very good day. Starting very early in the morning, at 7 AM when aldo's baptismal service started (before his classes at 8)   it was a really good service and it all went well.  After we all had some hot chocolate and bread, and he went to his classes happy.  Then we started getting ready in the afternoon for Jason's baptism. It didn't start on time because it was a joint service with other wards, but it was very good.   The Bishop baptized Jason. He was so happy!!!!!!!!!  and us too .  His mom came to the baptism.     Sunday morning we went with a member(who volunteered his taxi in ward council) to pick up Aldo, we got there and I confirmed him a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  It was  indescribable. It was the first time I confirmed someone.   The Bishop confirmed Jason, we participated in it.    After it was testimony meeting,  lots of good members, Jason bore his pure testimony  it was so powerful ....we found Jason this trasnfer and to see his progress from then to now is insane.  I also bore my testimony with the ward, that I loved them and all they do and that I love this work. I just feel a love for all the Puneños  and that city,  because everything was opposite from what I thought, the people always accepted us and were very nice.  I gained a better testimony in Puno. There I could keep improving and apply what I had learned for one year, and see all the fruits thanks to trust in god not man.  To do his will not mine, I know this is his church, I only hope to work real hard in Sicuani and find what he wants me to do there, and do it good haha.  I'll write who my kid is next week.

                                                                    Aldo getting baptized

Jason before his baptism


Elder Wilde

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Having good people to teach, and some of them being baptized

Sorry I'm writing a little late we went to a big rock formation 1.5 hours out of Puno. It's called Arama Muru in the native language Aymara, La Puerta Del Diablo in Spanish, and the Devil's Door in English  It was super cool!!!!  Lots of cool looking rocks and supposedly a portal to another dimension.  But don't worry I didn't get teleported or nothing ahaha!!!!  We just got back and we had to wait on the highway for a bus to go by but eventually one picked us up.

So this week was pretty intense. Our investigator Jason that is going to get baptized may 28th. We invited him to come to a baptism the elders from my District had and he showed up with his friend Jimmy.   It was a really good baptismal service and after we had a lesson with them, It was really good, Jason testified that this was the only true church and it was a really powerful lesson.  I invited Jimmy to be baptized June 18th and he said he would he really liked the service and all. And Jason said he would bring him to church the next day and sure enough, the 2 came for 3 hours. We are so happy, We  are working with others.    

We went to a part member family Sunday afternoon, where the mom and youngest daughter have been investigating for years. The daughter has a baptismal date, for June 4th and after a powerful lesson and asking good (inspired) questions the mom accepted to be baptized on June 18th.!!!!  It was a happy day and we had another lesson with an investigator Aldo that said hes for sure getting baptized may 28th.   

We're working really hard and we have lots of heaven prepared people we are teaching. In these lessons I've felt the inspiration to use scriptures and words phrases that I didn't think of before, and to give a strong testimony as a servant of  Jesus Christ to every one that will here me. The member less active investigators or street contacts.   We're working to the best of our ability for the salvation of these people here in Puno.


Elder Wilde

Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Wow. that was my last call home. What I've seen it's good to invite people to activities and then the discussions. Here we just invite them to go swimming and we baptize them hahaha (thats from the old days).  Yes I did get the granola bars, and I did get the letters.  today in pday we played billiards it was fun I took 2nd in the District Tournament.  There's not too much to tell after talking yesterday but we had our soldier investigator come to Church yesterday he's super cool. We have an appointment today with him.   We are gonna keep working hard with all our investigators, and we found some more this week. It's getting colder though!!!!

Just keep up the work, and remember to complete a goal you have to set goals. Like I want to contact 20 people today. 10 before lunch and 10 after to get 120 by week. Split everything up.  We get along good here in the District and I interviewed a baptismal candidate yesterday and he was really prepared it makes me happy to help out. Next Saturday I have 3 more interviews. it should be a crazy day.  I'll write more next week. Today for pday were gonna eat food and chill in the room because we can't leave Puno for protests in the highways.


Elder Wilde

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Baptisms, and More Baptisms

Hello Cameron Park,

Wow that all sounds fun going to the temple. When i tell people there's a temple 30 minutes away they freak the closest temple to Puno is in Cochabamba Bolivia.

Sounds good that you want to have that 21 day missionary challenge. Here's some advice from Puno, my Stake President has a phrase, vision - action = dissilusion. So you can all fast but if you guys don't help you'll just end disillusioned. Here in the Stake the last Sunday of every month  they have goal meetings. Every ward gives reports on the months baptisms rescues, converts in 24 months, converts that attend, people from unknown addresses found, and from those found people how many returned.  Every organization attends from each ward, the missionaries, they do roll call by ward, then the bishop says how many they had the month that's finishing and says the goals from the next month.  Every organization has a standard of excellence, of 1 baptism and rescue per month.  That's how the we keep the work progressing here in the stake.    Maybe you could apply that in our stake it would hasten the work of salvation.

In the District we're killing it were 4 elders and we have 14 people committed to being baptized, and there's more to come,   

Wow this is my last call home.

I can't believe that, so I'm gonna call from my pension, at about 5 my time or 2 yours. if a plan changes I'll  communicate through my Pensionista Shirley.

So this week was super good, we have a lot of new people to teach and 5 have baptismal dates, this week was insane in a real good way!!!!!!  We contacted a family, we had a small lesson, we shared part of the proclamation, and the wife said that they want to hear more and that' '' things happen for a reason''    we invited them to a FHE with our pension we had it last night, super good, they loved it and now they have some friends.  But even more surprising we were in (Gospel) Principles and she showed up with her three kids!!!!!!!!  She couldn't participate in classes because her 2 year old needed to be outside class, but she came. We're really excited to help this family out.  

Another new person is Jason, he's a soldier in the Peruvian army, super cool a reference from a member, his house is in our sector but is always on the local military base, but he gets out every once in a while and we teach him. He accepted a a baptismal date in the first visit for May 28th.   He's golden, he came to church for the 3 hours, and loved it. He's finishing up his 2 years of military service. He only got deployed once, and it was to Abancay when I was there and there were all those riots.  

So today I have 17 months in the mission and I'm still wearing the same shoes everyday they're kinda beat up now haha

 SEE YA SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Wilde

A Powerful Week and a Day without Power

Wow Mary passed her test I thought she was for the record!!!!!!   The Utah trip sounded fun. When I think about driving to Utah after the mission it doesn't seem like anything after all the bus rides I've been on here, haha. The shortest one was to Abancay about 6 hours. but yeah I guess one of the things you learn on the mission, boring trips.  

Elmer is doing fine, we are working on new people.  This week, some couple missionaries came to Puno, to work on family history. They were going to have an activity Sunday afternoon,  but Saturday night I was in the church in the mutual combined activity waiting for an investigator to finish, and they showed up at the church because they didn't have anything to do. They were about to leave when I got the idea to have them visit with us. They went to 2 appointments and they were both very good. In the first appointment the kid said he would be baptized, we're excited. Elder Poulsen speaks good Spanish, Hermana Poulsen is still learning. We went to the next appointment with a part member family in the ward. 2 children are less active and the mom and another daughter are not members, but they've all been coming to church lately. We started talking and everything was going good. I asked them about goals they have in the gospel, the 17 year old said to go on a mission, the less active girl wants to go to the temple, the mom said her goal is to be baptized so did the other daughter,  We suggested a date, of the 28th the daughter agreed but the mom would like more time, (shes a nurse and works alot) and they all said they would come to church the next day. The kids all came and sat with the Poulsen's the mom had a work emergency so she couldn't come, they were all happy, The son went in the afternoon with the other young men to visit people. Another investigator came to church for the first time he's solid, and about half way through Sacrament Meeting an investigator Aldo that before had a baptismal date but had just vanished showed up and wants to talk again.   We're pretty happy down here in Puno and in the District, the new Elder in my district is Elder Maldonado, one of my best friends trained him in Andahuaylas,  We are all working really hard and we're gonna have baptisms in May and June.   

So this week was interesting I think the most interesting thing happened Sunday morning.  I woke up to shower and I tried plugging in my speaker to listen to music, didn't work I assumed the breaker dropped in the night so I showered then another elder couldn't iron his clothes, I flipped the breakers nothing, so we assumed something was wrong in the building, went to church and the lights weren't on or the heating I asked who was in charge and they said the power was out for the entire city!!!  We did everything without lights, less people came 140, because of that.   But everything went off without a hitch. Four investigators came, and I didn't hear a single person complain about the cold or why the lights weren't on, it was fun. The power came back at about 3:30 in the afternoon. Internet was down but we still had cell service. 

I was looking at my family tree and I saw little green temples on both sides of the family they said that ordinances waiting to be done, a lot on Mom's side. it doesn't make sense cause they're super Mormon, Could you investigate that please?   I just had an idea and searched Milna in family search there's a record, there from there microfilm search the family last name in there!!!!!!!    

I've got to  go bye!!!!!

Hope all is well!!

Elder Wilde

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Elmer was baptized

ELMER GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!    I baptized him it was a real powerful experience, he's very happy, he shared his testimony there in the service,  Sunday he was confirmed  and received the Aaronic Priesthood.  The attendance wasn't as high as other baptisms because it was a joint service with a baptism from the sisters and they could only do it early, so yeah we just did it early.  

We have a new investigator Victor he's a very cool guy, we're going to keep working with him, and we're going to go through and teach all the people I didn't have time to teach when I was in Inca Pachacutec.

In transfers I'm staying here, and my new companion is coming from Cusco he's Elder Díaz. He's from Piura in the north of peru. I met him once he's pretty cool guy,   I'm happy to have a companion!!!!!   I'll send pictures next week.  Elder Huallparuca from my district is going to Cusco and Elder Maldonado is coming from Juliaca to replace him.

We had 177 at church I'm pretty sure were the strongest ward in puno,    I have a list of Melchizdeck Priesthood holders, I'm gonna start looking for all the ones I don't know. we need to go to the rescue for them.

I'll write more about the sector next week

ll send more pictures and updates next week 

Elder Wilde

Friday, April 15, 2016

Wow good to hear that wedding news.  I've got some cool stuff here!! Dad I went to a market this week and I bought a 64 GB micro SD card for 15 soles!!!!! They sell terrabyte for about 200 soles if you want to get a little business going, they also sell external batteries for cheap.  I'm really happy with that deal. just tell me if you want anything and I'll buy it.  

WHAT  more boundary changes dad??? 

I'm not going to have a companion until next transfer but its super probable I'm going to train I hope its a gringo!!!!!! 

I'll send baptism pics next week with transfer news!!

Yeah okay I'm figuring out here where I'm gonna call from too!!!!!!!!!!  its super close (Mother's Day).    SO in mission news this week,  Elmer had his baptismal interview Saturday afternoon, he passed normal he's excited and his family also. we are planning the service for next Saturday, he's asked me to baptize him.   The sisters from my ward also have a baptism so were going to coordinate with them for that. Its gonna be real good.   

I also had some new investigators this week, a rare thing now that I'm hardly in my sector haha  They're all pretty cool. One is married and another is single and wants to change his life, and the other dated a member before and has interest but was never baptized.  I want a companion so bad just to work in my sector there's so many people to teach but I don't have time juggling 2 sectors, I cant wait to just walk around the whole day their!!!!      In my district were working hard on street contacts and we had a bunch this week and it's getting a lot easier and natural, when my district is complete were gonna kill it.

We were gonna go to a beach this morning about an hour out of puno, but it was cloudy so they canceled it. Now it's sunny, so were gonna go play ultimate frisbee in a place called Salcedo.


Elder Wilde

Sunday, April 10, 2016

General Conference

General Conference was great, loved it.  The talks were most excellent. I liked President Uchtdorf's talk because you could tell he was really remembering being in an air raid, than when Elder Kearon spoke you could see that President Uchtdorf  was emotional him having been a refugee in Europe.   Yes we had a Gringo room and it was another success.  After the Sunday morning session I stayed with Elder Augat to watch the world report. It was super cool all the other missionaries left, and about and hour after we went to go eat lunch, and we saw they had shut all the gates!!!!!!! we were laughing  so hard that they had locked us in but we jumped the wall and went to lunch haha (all churches here have big walls around them).

 It's weird having 2 companions; I'm used to only having one haha .  But  maybe I'll get another Mini Missionary. I'm thinking I'll just finish off the transfer in a trio.

From what I understand during elections  they outlaw any gatherings. If you don't vote you get a couple hundred sole ticket.

Elder Holland was pretty powerful in the end right?? VERY powerful I'm never going to forget that conference.

When I heard Paul H Watkins I about jumped out of my seat, and I knew you did too!!!  The conference was interesting when they talked about Family Councils and all the types,.I remembered all the family meetings that we had, and I thought great more types of meetings for when I get back haha (they forget Priesthood Executive Family Council on the list).

I'm still with the Elders from my District,. It's a little hard to work in the sector now.     
It would be cool to have a temple in Cusco but I feel there won't be one for a while, just off the stake numbers but it would be the coolest temple ever, President Uchtdorf - I thought the celestial language was Quechua haha

I'll keep you updated on what happens.


Elder Wilde

Friday, April 1, 2016

I need a companion

Yes this week was good. I still don't have a companion I'm in a trio with the Elders in my District, from the Inca Pachacutec Ward. I went to my ward though. They dropped me off at the Bishop's house early Sunday morning then I went to church with him and I was with a Returned Missionary for church. It was a good day we had 4 investigators and a bunch of less actives come to church, I was happy because they all came and I was hardly there in Central,  Then after church my mission leader Hermano Policarpo took me to my pension and handed me over to David my pensionista Shirley's husband. After lunch he took me to the church where I met up with the Elders Quorum, then we went and visited people, then  I went to the Stake Center for a meeting. From there the Elders from my District went with me to my sector till the dinner haha it's kind of exhausting. Sometimes I was looking for someone to be my companion because I didn't have one. But everything turned out fine.  

About Elmer, he traveled so we couldn't baptize him, and next week is General Conference and we can't then, then the next week is Peruvian elections and It's illegal to have any activities Saturday afternoon, and all day Sunday, so there's no church that week, and no baptism. We have it postponed for April 16th right now and everything is on track for that. 

And for the General Conference we are planning a gringo room again, it should be pretty good just like in Abancay!!!!!!.   President Harbertson,told me this week that I should receive a companion from a place in Cusco called Espinar,(look it up its pretty cool).   I'll keep you all updated about my companion situation hopefully it gets resolved this week  That's Puno from the sector Inca Pachacutec, its super hilly!!!

This is my sector -  if you zoom in on the far right side there is a big aluminum roof that's a market where my ward starts,  and it finishes if you zoom in on the far left there's a stadium, it finishes about 3 city blocks after the stadium.!!!!!!

Today we are having a Zone Pday. We are going to cook tacos then play sports in the church,  and today in the night I'm starting work divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Flores. I' going to the Chanu Chanu ward.  It'll be fun getting out of the trio. 

Wow Sawyer sounds so big!!!!  I want to see him so bad, he seems like a pretty darn good athlete/worker. haha    

I heard about the attacks from a member they said they were watching the news and saw a video. 

General Conference should be fun, We're going to watch it in the Stake Center(live) it's just a little later than home for the time zone difference .  I coordinated with the elders to have a dinner after, so it should be fun.   

In the stake there is a big push for the leaders to magnify their callings they are starting to push more from the youth leaders, which is really good. (the stake 1st Counselor said the area is observing our ward's progress.

My pensionista bought star wars 7 in the market for 2.50 soles hahahahaha   so hard to have that in the pension now and not watch it.

this is pretty much all


Elder Wilde

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ward Conference - Letter from 3/21

So my mini missionary companion Elder Nuñez isn't my companion anymore. He got his mission call and we opened it up on Tuesday night in his church, and he got his call to Lima central, and has to report to the MTC march 29th!!!! 3 weeks before this transfer ends, and he asked to go home and pack his stuff because he pretty much has 1 week to get everything ready for his mission,  We dropped him off with his stake president Friday and I've been with the Elders from my District since then.  It's kind of a complicated situation juggling the 2 wards and all of my investigators and less actives,.  The stakes are looking for someone to be my companion but no luck so far, they said by next week they might find someone.  But its pretty fun, I've got my own bathroom now and have lots of extra space now!!!  But I hope I get a companion soon, 

Elmer is doing well I did divisions to go down to central and teach him, but I've got some good news about the ward.  Yesterday was our Ward Conference, the Bishop was pushing really hard for the members to invite people. The Elders dropped me off there early and I was with Returned Missionaries.  The chapel was filling up good; there was lots of  investigators and less active members i had never seen before, it looked so full. I got up to count with the clerk, we counted 210 people!!!!!  And there were 6 Young Men passing the sacrament, with 2 Priests blessing.  I just felt so happy.  There were so many priesthood holders in the classes. I'm so pumped to work here.  The Young Men left to visit in the afternoon and by their own initiative without leaders!!!!!!!!!!!!  The quorum presidents are starting to get their act together, because they told them they have keys.    Members accompanied me the whole afternoon till dinner, I worked the whole day there, I can't explain it I'm just so happy to be here in Puno, even though its cold, and I'm gonna be here till winter!!!!!!!  I'm ready to work and get that number up to 300, that's the ward goal,

The picture is my District the kid (Grey Sweater) was my companion, the Elder in blue is Elder Melo from Columbia,  and the  purplish color is elder Huallparuca from Huancayo Peru

                                        That's my zone in the stake center, I'm on the right side, 

 We had a stake wide Primary activity, and the District Leaders all had to teach classes for the kids,  I team taught with Elder Augat it was fun hanging out with the kids, it was a future missionary activity, I had to teach them 'Que enseño como misionero' (I teach as a missionary) so I taught them the Doctrine of Christ.  Then after these 4 training classes, we got divided up with kids and sent to proselyte!!!!!

I worked with converts this week and in one afternoon we cleared 8 names for the temple.  Thanks for the pictures,


Elder Wilde