Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Transferred to Sicuani

Sorry for writing late there were some mixups in the mission, there are some transport problems so we all had to travel Monday morning not Tuesday morning so I'm in pday right now!!!!   Sunday afternoon the Zone Leaders told me that I had a transfer from Puno to another town called Sicuani.  I'm going to open the sector training!!!!!!!  Im so excited. I'm in Cusco and I'm so happy. It's gonna be just like when I started my mission, opening a sector.    I'm sad to leave my sector in Puno.  I  almost didn't get to say goodbye to anyone just like in Puerto.  Last Saturday  was a very good day. Starting very early in the morning, at 7 AM when aldo's baptismal service started (before his classes at 8)   it was a really good service and it all went well.  After we all had some hot chocolate and bread, and he went to his classes happy.  Then we started getting ready in the afternoon for Jason's baptism. It didn't start on time because it was a joint service with other wards, but it was very good.   The Bishop baptized Jason. He was so happy!!!!!!!!!  and us too .  His mom came to the baptism.     Sunday morning we went with a member(who volunteered his taxi in ward council) to pick up Aldo, we got there and I confirmed him a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  It was  indescribable. It was the first time I confirmed someone.   The Bishop confirmed Jason, we participated in it.    After it was testimony meeting,  lots of good members, Jason bore his pure testimony  it was so powerful ....we found Jason this trasnfer and to see his progress from then to now is insane.  I also bore my testimony with the ward, that I loved them and all they do and that I love this work. I just feel a love for all the PuneƱos  and that city,  because everything was opposite from what I thought, the people always accepted us and were very nice.  I gained a better testimony in Puno. There I could keep improving and apply what I had learned for one year, and see all the fruits thanks to trust in god not man.  To do his will not mine, I know this is his church, I only hope to work real hard in Sicuani and find what he wants me to do there, and do it good haha.  I'll write who my kid is next week.

                                                                    Aldo getting baptized

Jason before his baptism


Elder Wilde

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