Sunday, October 2, 2016

More Baptisms - September 26th

The baptism was great.  Lucero was baptized and it was a really nice experience, she said she just felt so happy. My companion Elder Peña performed the ordinance.   Also some other people were baptized I'll send a group photo also!!!!

My Sabbath was really interesting it was cloudy so the city felt like a sauna.  We visited a lot of families, we were working and walking a lot.  We visited a convert family because the dad had gone to work in an illegal mining camp, and we went to talk with him about  all the dangers that are out there. He understood, we were direct.   We also visited some investigators a family that has listened to the missionaries for 3 years, we are going to try to get them going again, and excited.  I'm also visiting my ex pensionista from when I started my mission, the goal is to get them married before I come home, they want me to baptize the husband, I can't believe it it's insane. One investigator came to church Xiomara she has a date for 10/7. She's really excited.

Puerto is doing really well, we are all working really hard to meet our goals and go over them. I'm going to take a picture of the zone, this week and send it home. This week are the transfers, 3 missionaries here are finishing also. I'll write about it all next week. Tell everybody hi from me.



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