Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'm glad to hear that your doing well with your recovery, and that everybody knows what they're doing. 

So my companion Elder Niaupari is in Cusco right now, to go home. And my new companion is Elder Peña he's from Bolivia, he's a quiet guy. He's coming from my sector in Puno to be Zone Leader here, I'm going to hear about how Puno Central is doing, I'm happy for that.   We're also opening up a sector here, right now I'm trying to get all the stuff the two new sisters will need, bed frames, desks, a bunch of stuff!!!

The baptism of Nicole was really nice, she was  a little nervous, but I baptized her just fine, she was so happy, I didn't listen to her testimony because I was still changing in the bathroom when they had her talk, I was kind of bummed but yeah that's life, I also confirmed her Sunday morning, in Sacrament Meeting. 

Another investigator is Lucero she is progressing and her boyfriend is a member and she came to church yesterday for the second time, The problem is that her parents are super religious to another church and said they will throw her out of the house!!!!  yeah it's an interesting situation.   I'll inform more about how the zone is doing!!!

Tell me about everything at home, I looked at a calendar today and I realized that I'm going to be home in like 3 months!!!!! I'm going to Machu Picchu this change also.

So my new companion is a quiet Boliviano, he's a new leader, and had like 2-3 months as District Leader so I'm going to be helping him a lot .

 Right now I'm working on opening a sector that's been closed for almost  a year, it should be interesting!!!

We are working with the Branch and District to get stuff moving, it should be good, we're working to get the Zone better. to meet our goals!!!!


Elder Wilde

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