Saturday, September 3, 2016

This week was pretty good it was hot but not as hot as it was before, it was cloudy some days so there wasn't that much sunshine!!!!!! 

We got the sisters' room ready and they got there fine. I also picked up my companion Elder Peña it is really hot for him because he came from Puno to the jungle, and he's never been in a hot sector before. haha

This week we've been working really hard to find new people, we've found a bunch of new families, and they have a lot of potential, we'll keep visiting this week.  Next pday I'm probably going to write late because I'm going to travel to Cusco for the mission leadership council. but I'll write!!!!!!!!       

hmmm about classes I'll talk to Laura about that and find out a solution, but what does credit hours mean??????

So Sunday I ran into the same gringo I ran into 13  months ago!!!!!!!!!!  He was from Lodi.  We had a big talk he's pretty cool, I'm going to stay in contact with him when I get home,  

Mom I hope  you'll keep getting better and be happy.


Elder Wilde

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