Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yeah so this week was good I'm not gonna send pictures today because my SD card, and USB  both got viruses the other day and I almost lost everything!!!!!!   Well I did lose it but I went and got most recovered, so I'm going to be planning how to send pictures without plugging in my stuff so I don't lose anything.  So this week was good, not a whole bunch of people came this Sunday we were in the 60's again, because there was a parade so everybody went there instead of the church, but that's life here.  This week was good, we are working hard with the members to get the ward going good.  It's really interesting, this type of work.

ummm  so you guys said you wanted to pick me up right now I made a small budget (preliminary)  and all intersector travel not counting going to Lima would be about S./2337. or $708  I think that's not to bad, It's going to all 4 sectors, in plane to Puerto Maldonado. But I haven't planned hotels or food.  

This week we're gonna have a bunch of leadership meetings to get the ward going and It's gonna be a success


Elder Wilde

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