Tuesday, November 15, 2016



This week was really nice, mostly because my last 3 days it wasnt hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it was cloudy and raining.  My trip was normal 10.5 hours in the bus....  

I cant believe it, I have tried my best, and I have been able to help  lots of people.    I'm really excited to see you and the rest of the family in a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the pictures, 

Love you,

Elder Wilde

Friday, November 11, 2016

Coming Home Soon

NOTE:  Michael will be completing his 2 year mission and returning home on Wednesday November 16th.  We are so excited!!!

Sunday was really nice. With my companion we took advantage of the fast, we went out early and invited people to Church.  Two new investigators, the dad of a family,  and another guy. They are doing well. The family couldn't come this Sunday but we're working hard there. We almost had 100 attendance in total.    We are so busy we are teaching so many people. It's hard to organize the appointments sometimes haha.   The pictures are me and my companion in the jungle,  the river Tambopata in my sector, and a family that me and my second companion started teaching, since I left the whole family has been baptized.  I'm going to eat lunch with them on Saturday.    
I'm going to search out my convert Oliver today, I'm going to buy some stuff in the market, and get ready.  


Elder Wilde

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Working Hard Right Up to the End

How was Church?!?   What!!!!  When does Nathan (Reed) leave for Mexico (for his mission)?    This week we had a good conference Saturday morning a training from President Herrera and the assistants, it was nice.  After we ate cake for the monthly birthday's  and President hopped on a plane back to Cusco.   

This week we went to teach a family of investgiators, the oldest son Eric has come home from Arequipa, before the missionaries visited him. We were going to watch The Restoration https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2008-06-01-the-restoration?lang=eng with them but there was no tv remote and we could not change the language to Spanish!    So we talked about the Book of Mormon, the third oldest son, had read the 1st chapter and told us the story, we read half of the chapter with them, and they commited to read it and come to Church, we offered to drop by and pick them up.   Sunday morning we walked to their house only 2 kids Cesar and Aderson were ready so we went with them, Milagros (the mom) showed up with 2 more kids before the Sacrament, she liked it and said that next week she's going to bring her husband and 2 older sons.  We're really excited to go visit them this week.   

I'm doing fine, I'm coming to the reality that my mission will finish.  I'm going to start to tell select people this week, because this Sunday will be my last opportunity to take pics with people after church. My bus leaves the following Sunday at 9am.

I'm working really hard with my companion, We're finding lots of new people and seeing lots of miracles.


Elder Wilde