Saturday, August 20, 2016

How's the church doing? I'm doing fine, we had a baptism this week and we have one planned for next week,  We're working hard to find new people. It's my companions last week so we put a goal to have 100 street contacts to go out with a bang. haha 

We have several more potential investigators to be baptized, It's looking bright.

This is  going good we're working with the branch council to help it function better.  I went to my old branch and I visited a bunch of people that were dropped by the way side, and now I'm showing the Elders where they all live to give them more chances.

This week an Elder fell playing soccer and his leg got so swollen that we took him to the hospital and they said he had a mass of dead blood growing in his leg and that we needed to take it out. We consulted Cusco and they said go for it before there was an infection so they operated on him cut it open and so much blood came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a video of the whole thing, I'll show it at home. but he got cleaned up and he rested for a couple days and now he's fine.

I'll write about the baptism next week and who my new companion is.

The baptism on Saturday went really well, there was a lot of people there, and refreshments!!!!!!!!!!   My companion Elder Niaupari baptized her , without mistakes. haha   It was a really good experience. She bore her testimony after and there was a very strong spirit there.

This Saturday we have another baptism of her step sister Nicole, she passed her interview, and she asked me to baptize her, It's a great privilege and blessing to do that this Saturday, I'll send a picture next week .yeah.  

This is my companion's last week he's going to travel to Cusco this Saturday or Sunday to go back to Ecuador. So next week I'll have a new companion!!!!!!!!!!   This p day we're going to play soccer, and that's why I really don't send much pictures because we only play soccer. haha  

I hope you keep feeling better and that all the medicine helps you get better faster. I knew everything was going to be fine!!!!!


Elder Wilde

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