Monday, August 1, 2016

Life is good in the jungle - July 25th


 Life's doing good here in Puerto.  To answer your question , it's so great to see all the people I met, I can't handle it almost!!!!!!!!!!  This week we flew to Cusco for a leadership conference. Every month we have this conference and we get to FLY there from here!!!!!haaha it makes me so happy not to go on the bus anymore (12 houts each way).  It was really good, we had a big conference of all the Zone Leaders there, we talked about how the mission was doing and how we can be better.

Today we went to the Serpentario again, it was cool I took a boa picture again, I was a lot more awake this time, the girl that worked there, offered to loop it around my neck, but I was like nah I'm good, don't want to die today. haha

I don't have too much time, so I'll sum everything up fast. 1. We had a baptism 2. We have others planned 3. We were in part of our sector called Chapajal and we were walking and we decided to knock on a door, we didn't know we we just felt to. I presented myself and our message, the person, said yeah come in, they brought us chairs and we taught a family of 5 people!!!! it was so cool, such a good experience, it's something I like about Puerto, the people are so open, sometimes a little to much but It's the best.  Always give water or soda ...   

Yeah I hope mom is able to have good surgeries I'll keep praying for everything to come out all right.    
 I'm doing fine, just sweating a lot more than in Puno!!!!!!!!  I'll do better next week

Oh for my birthday, my pensionista got me a cake and did a small party, it was really nice.


Elder Wilde

                                                            A picture with the Zone

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