Monday, September 5, 2016

The Work Progresses and a Trip to HQ in Cusco

Thanks for the letter mom, it makes me sad to hear about all your treatments, but I know it's so you get better faster. I know that everything will come out fine. I know how it is I'm starting to get tired too, but I just keep going I don't really know how. I count that as a blessing, to keep going because I'm doing it for a purpose. 

Yes I just got the package!!!!!!! thanks so much  I love it  I picked it up yesterday. Oh yeah I'm in Cusco right now. The plans changed and we traveled yesterday after the 3rd hour. Took a plane to Cusco.  Some more news is that I'm going to go to Machu Picchu in 2 weeks.  I'm really excited for that I'll send a bunch of pictures.  

Mom don't worry I'm always going to work hard, I've done that since I started and I don't plan on stopping or slowing down the pace. We're seeing lots of miracles and experiences here, we know that so that's why we work to find our mission or purpose here.

Mom I'm praying for you, and I know prayers are answered, we just need to trust in the Lord and accept his will.     I`ll send pictures with families next week. The river Tambopata is really low that's a picture out in a dock by my sector and the other is me in the mission office with Julie's package she sent me.

We are doing really well we're coming out of a slump with power and the same with the Zone we're finding lots of people and teaching them, lots of families. We have a family with a baptismal date for September 24th they are very happy. We are planning a big service in our District because in the Zone there are 17 people with baptisms scheduled for the 24th!!! We're working really hard the Zone is trying it's best and we are having a lot of success that hasn't been seen in a while here. I know missionary work isn't about numbers, but it's usually an indicator if people are working good.  

With my companion we do a daily follow of the Zone about how everything is doing with the District leaders and Friday we have an in person meeting with them and they go over their Districts progress and we exchange ideas about how to help the Zone. I'm doing well I'm happy. My Zone is the best. We've got the best leaders helping us, and we're all in the same cause.

Tomorrow we have the Misson Leadership Council, we will address problems and concerns in the mission with the other Zone Leaders, Assistants, President and the Sister Trainers,

They say that there is a big agenda ,  there are a bunch of new leaders now,     I`ll write about it next week

Yeah this week my Pensionista's fence fell down and I fixed it up by prying out the old nails  and flipping the boards. I only had a hammer hahaha but it's a nice fence now.

Yeah I'm ready to work at home.


Elder Wilde

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