Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Mom and Dad,

Wow I honestly didn't see this coming at all.  But I'm fine. If there's anything I've learned it's to trust in God, and not lean into my own understanding.  I will be praying and fasting and doing everything I can to help.     From what you've said it doesn't seem super dangerous and hopefully we can get it out fast and get on with life.

Well I'll just tell you guys now I have a transfer to Puerto Maldonado, I'm going to a different branch it's called Tambopata. I'm going as Zone Leader to  the Zone where I started.    This week the ward had 98 attendance, and hopes are high, my kid Elder Fincher will keep up the good work here I hope.   
 I will keep working my best and try to be the best missionary I can be, don't worry about me, Dad just take care of Mom. 

Love you a lot,

Elder WIlde

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