Thursday, August 4, 2016

He didn't have dengue!!!!

Hey it's good to hear the camping trip was fun, it was pretty hot this week I wanted to be in the Redwoods not in the jungle. haha

This week had a lot of interesting events, first starting the week off, while I was in a work visit with a District Leader, and we got news that an Elder was sick and had dengue symptoms, so I called Cusco and they said get him to the hospital, we got him there and started doing tests, they came back with probability of dengue, but for me he looked a lot better. I called Cusco and told them the lab results, and that I didn't think it was dengue, but the President said to buy the medicine so I bought a bunch of medicine, for this kid, like the doctor said and HE DIDN'T HAVE DENGUE after all, just a really bad heat stroke. So what I learned this week was not to jump the gun!!!!!!

This week we had an appointment with an investigator with a date for the 13th, she introduced us to her step sister Nicole,  we talked gave her a Book of Mormon, invited her to pray, the next day we went back and her sister had explained to her the whole Restoration and she accepted a baptismal date for the 20th!!!!!!!  It was amazing. 

Mom I hope all goes well in your surgeries I'm praying for you !!

I have not received a package yet. but I'll call Cusco today.

I'm running into all the people I met before. I'm in the same internet cafe as one convert right now, and I just saw the other on the way here. I was crossing a street, and a person yelled at me from a taxi, I looked and I recognized Oliver, (I hadn't been able to find him yet) he was yelling at me, I instinctively  started to back track and I almost got taken out by a pick truck the was coming in really fast. !!!!!  Almost died!!!  But gosh I want to talk to Oliver so bad, he's not active, and I'm gonna have a good talk with him. 
We're finding a lot of prepared people this week it's really good here, President is coming this week for a Zone Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It'll be interesting.

Thanks for all the info, its reassuring to know more.   I told Laura this but during the week for me it's hard to remember about mom, at first I thought I was bad, then I realized it was the Lord's way to help, and just be lost in the work here. I usually remember at night, before I go to bed, but during the day, I'm just soooo busy!!!!  

We're working hard here as a Zone to get the work going good again, the Zone was the best in the mission but it's gone down a lot, since my times.(a lot has happend)  We're trying to put the foundations for a Stake, work with the members and work on branch councils, get PEC going, and efficient home teaching. This is the way to get a stake. Not in my time, in the future, but we need to work with that goal in mind.  We're happy and working hard


Elder Wilde

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