Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Training Elder Fincher

Yeah those baptisms were great !!!!!! finished strong in Puno.   So my ward is a lot smaller than my ward in Puno. I've pretty much gotten used to it I'm not lost like in Puerto. I'm getting to know the people, the area book is in good shape and it's helping a lot (the first time that's happened in my mission).  My kids name is Elder Fincher he's from the Orem, Utah. It's cool because he is super willing to be a good missionary.  I'm trying my best to teach him to be a good missionary, how to teach and most importantly speak Spanish hahaha.  I'm trying to only speak Spanish with him, only Spanish, we'll see how long I hold out.   We have an investigator that's going to be baptized this Saturday.  His name is Jose.  I'll send pictures of the baptism next week.  We're planning to climb a hill that's even farther away next pday so I'll see how we do with writing!!!!!!!!

I'm happy I'm doing exercises a lot, the Zone Leader we live with Elder Yorgeson is pretty cool and we always do weights in the morning and night.(we went running also!!!!!!!!)

I know this work and Church are true, I've seen it and felt it so many times in these months.  When I started out it wasn't that strong, but now it is strong and like Moroni said 'and I will not deny it' .  For me there have been so many moments when I was guided by the Spirit or when Grampy passed away and I was in my room crying with my trainer, and I was destroyed I had just talked to (the Mission) President and my trainer was trying to comfort me.  I think I said this part in the Skype call we had that day that I was so sad, and I said the words that I wouldn't see him again, and I realized that I would and he won't be sick and he'll be perfectly fine.  From that moment I just stopped crying, I got myself together and went to work,  walking around sweating I fortified that,  teaching the Plan of Salvation I felt I gave a really powerful testimony, I'm not a guy that cries but I cried in the lesson that day as I testified of the Resurrection and this perfect plan. I studied diligently prayed, and now I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true and this is the true Church it wasn't easy but I'm so glad I know now.

So Sicuani's cool.  I'm in a ward but 70-80 people go every week.  We had a meeting with the Stake President and we're going to work on a plan to help the ward.   I met with the leaders and I'm trying to get a plan together , I bought a plan of the ward that's like a square yard, and I'm going to plot everything and organize everything.  I showed the mission leader what I'm thinking of doing, he got excited and he's going to help us implement it by July.  He told me that he thinks us two are meant to come right now and pretty much get the ward jump started.    

in the hill Sicuani is that blur far off

                                                        that's me in the plaza in Cuzco


Elder Wilde

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