Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'm glad to hear that your doing well with your recovery, and that everybody knows what they're doing. 

So my companion Elder Niaupari is in Cusco right now, to go home. And my new companion is Elder Peña he's from Bolivia, he's a quiet guy. He's coming from my sector in Puno to be Zone Leader here, I'm going to hear about how Puno Central is doing, I'm happy for that.   We're also opening up a sector here, right now I'm trying to get all the stuff the two new sisters will need, bed frames, desks, a bunch of stuff!!!

The baptism of Nicole was really nice, she was  a little nervous, but I baptized her just fine, she was so happy, I didn't listen to her testimony because I was still changing in the bathroom when they had her talk, I was kind of bummed but yeah that's life, I also confirmed her Sunday morning, in Sacrament Meeting. 

Another investigator is Lucero she is progressing and her boyfriend is a member and she came to church yesterday for the second time, The problem is that her parents are super religious to another church and said they will throw her out of the house!!!!  yeah it's an interesting situation.   I'll inform more about how the zone is doing!!!

Tell me about everything at home, I looked at a calendar today and I realized that I'm going to be home in like 3 months!!!!! I'm going to Machu Picchu this change also.

So my new companion is a quiet Boliviano, he's a new leader, and had like 2-3 months as District Leader so I'm going to be helping him a lot .

 Right now I'm working on opening a sector that's been closed for almost  a year, it should be interesting!!!

We are working with the Branch and District to get stuff moving, it should be good, we're working to get the Zone better. to meet our goals!!!!


Elder Wilde

Saturday, August 20, 2016

How's the church doing? I'm doing fine, we had a baptism this week and we have one planned for next week,  We're working hard to find new people. It's my companions last week so we put a goal to have 100 street contacts to go out with a bang. haha 

We have several more potential investigators to be baptized, It's looking bright.

This is  going good we're working with the branch council to help it function better.  I went to my old branch and I visited a bunch of people that were dropped by the way side, and now I'm showing the Elders where they all live to give them more chances.

This week an Elder fell playing soccer and his leg got so swollen that we took him to the hospital and they said he had a mass of dead blood growing in his leg and that we needed to take it out. We consulted Cusco and they said go for it before there was an infection so they operated on him cut it open and so much blood came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a video of the whole thing, I'll show it at home. but he got cleaned up and he rested for a couple days and now he's fine.

I'll write about the baptism next week and who my new companion is.

The baptism on Saturday went really well, there was a lot of people there, and refreshments!!!!!!!!!!   My companion Elder Niaupari baptized her , without mistakes. haha   It was a really good experience. She bore her testimony after and there was a very strong spirit there.

This Saturday we have another baptism of her step sister Nicole, she passed her interview, and she asked me to baptize her, It's a great privilege and blessing to do that this Saturday, I'll send a picture next week .yeah.  

This is my companion's last week he's going to travel to Cusco this Saturday or Sunday to go back to Ecuador. So next week I'll have a new companion!!!!!!!!!!   This p day we're going to play soccer, and that's why I really don't send much pictures because we only play soccer. haha  

I hope you keep feeling better and that all the medicine helps you get better faster. I knew everything was going to be fine!!!!!


Elder Wilde

Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 8th

Yeah so this week we had the conference, It was pretty good. We're working hard here, it's really hot here, summer is just getting started!!!!!!!!! 

I know all will go well in your surguries mom, I'm praying and fasting for you.  I love you mom

Wow I know everything is going to work out fine with mom,  It's comforting to know that.   So we're going to have a baptism this Saturday and another the next one, we're super busy. Life's not as simple anymore, there's lots of stuff to do now. Now I'm on the receiving end, when I was District Leader, and I would call the Zone Leaders about something that was happening, and I thought they had all the magical answers, now I know exactly how lost they felt!!!!!!!!!!!  There will always be people who haven't learned yet.   We're coordinating a lot with the District and Branch to try to change things up so that there's more growth.

I'm doing fine.


Elder Wilde

Thursday, August 4, 2016

He didn't have dengue!!!!

Hey it's good to hear the camping trip was fun, it was pretty hot this week I wanted to be in the Redwoods not in the jungle. haha

This week had a lot of interesting events, first starting the week off, while I was in a work visit with a District Leader, and we got news that an Elder was sick and had dengue symptoms, so I called Cusco and they said get him to the hospital, we got him there and started doing tests, they came back with probability of dengue, but for me he looked a lot better. I called Cusco and told them the lab results, and that I didn't think it was dengue, but the President said to buy the medicine so I bought a bunch of medicine, for this kid, like the doctor said and HE DIDN'T HAVE DENGUE after all, just a really bad heat stroke. So what I learned this week was not to jump the gun!!!!!!

This week we had an appointment with an investigator with a date for the 13th, she introduced us to her step sister Nicole,  we talked gave her a Book of Mormon, invited her to pray, the next day we went back and her sister had explained to her the whole Restoration and she accepted a baptismal date for the 20th!!!!!!!  It was amazing. 

Mom I hope all goes well in your surgeries I'm praying for you !!

I have not received a package yet. but I'll call Cusco today.

I'm running into all the people I met before. I'm in the same internet cafe as one convert right now, and I just saw the other on the way here. I was crossing a street, and a person yelled at me from a taxi, I looked and I recognized Oliver, (I hadn't been able to find him yet) he was yelling at me, I instinctively  started to back track and I almost got taken out by a pick truck the was coming in really fast. !!!!!  Almost died!!!  But gosh I want to talk to Oliver so bad, he's not active, and I'm gonna have a good talk with him. 
We're finding a lot of prepared people this week it's really good here, President is coming this week for a Zone Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It'll be interesting.

Thanks for all the info, its reassuring to know more.   I told Laura this but during the week for me it's hard to remember about mom, at first I thought I was bad, then I realized it was the Lord's way to help, and just be lost in the work here. I usually remember at night, before I go to bed, but during the day, I'm just soooo busy!!!!  

We're working hard here as a Zone to get the work going good again, the Zone was the best in the mission but it's gone down a lot, since my times.(a lot has happend)  We're trying to put the foundations for a Stake, work with the members and work on branch councils, get PEC going, and efficient home teaching. This is the way to get a stake. Not in my time, in the future, but we need to work with that goal in mind.  We're happy and working hard


Elder Wilde

Monday, August 1, 2016

Life is good in the jungle - July 25th


 Life's doing good here in Puerto.  To answer your question , it's so great to see all the people I met, I can't handle it almost!!!!!!!!!!  This week we flew to Cusco for a leadership conference. Every month we have this conference and we get to FLY there from here!!!!!haaha it makes me so happy not to go on the bus anymore (12 houts each way).  It was really good, we had a big conference of all the Zone Leaders there, we talked about how the mission was doing and how we can be better.

Today we went to the Serpentario again, it was cool I took a boa picture again, I was a lot more awake this time, the girl that worked there, offered to loop it around my neck, but I was like nah I'm good, don't want to die today. haha

I don't have too much time, so I'll sum everything up fast. 1. We had a baptism 2. We have others planned 3. We were in part of our sector called Chapajal and we were walking and we decided to knock on a door, we didn't know we we just felt to. I presented myself and our message, the person, said yeah come in, they brought us chairs and we taught a family of 5 people!!!! it was so cool, such a good experience, it's something I like about Puerto, the people are so open, sometimes a little to much but It's the best.  Always give water or soda ...   

Yeah I hope mom is able to have good surgeries I'll keep praying for everything to come out all right.    
 I'm doing fine, just sweating a lot more than in Puno!!!!!!!!  I'll do better next week

Oh for my birthday, my pensionista got me a cake and did a small party, it was really nice.


Elder Wilde

                                                            A picture with the Zone