Sunday, April 10, 2016

General Conference

General Conference was great, loved it.  The talks were most excellent. I liked President Uchtdorf's talk because you could tell he was really remembering being in an air raid, than when Elder Kearon spoke you could see that President Uchtdorf  was emotional him having been a refugee in Europe.   Yes we had a Gringo room and it was another success.  After the Sunday morning session I stayed with Elder Augat to watch the world report. It was super cool all the other missionaries left, and about and hour after we went to go eat lunch, and we saw they had shut all the gates!!!!!!! we were laughing  so hard that they had locked us in but we jumped the wall and went to lunch haha (all churches here have big walls around them).

 It's weird having 2 companions; I'm used to only having one haha .  But  maybe I'll get another Mini Missionary. I'm thinking I'll just finish off the transfer in a trio.

From what I understand during elections  they outlaw any gatherings. If you don't vote you get a couple hundred sole ticket.

Elder Holland was pretty powerful in the end right?? VERY powerful I'm never going to forget that conference.

When I heard Paul H Watkins I about jumped out of my seat, and I knew you did too!!!  The conference was interesting when they talked about Family Councils and all the types,.I remembered all the family meetings that we had, and I thought great more types of meetings for when I get back haha (they forget Priesthood Executive Family Council on the list).

I'm still with the Elders from my District,. It's a little hard to work in the sector now.     
It would be cool to have a temple in Cusco but I feel there won't be one for a while, just off the stake numbers but it would be the coolest temple ever, President Uchtdorf - I thought the celestial language was Quechua haha

I'll keep you updated on what happens.


Elder Wilde

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