Monday, October 31, 2016


It's great to hear from you, that's sad you couldn't go to church but I heard you do your own sacrament meetings??    That's nice that the ward came over to help out with some service, I'll have to see the yard when I get back. Send me some pictures of the dinner please!!!!!!!!!!!!    wow that concert sounds cool, and I didn't know that there is a new arena in sacramento!!! when did they build it?  I think I'm a little out of the loop but I expected that.

This week was really interesting,  A youth named Randy that I used to visit with my trainer (he was less active)  opened his mission call this Sunday. He's going to Bolivia. It's insane to see how stuff finishes, from visits I did two years ago, now he's going to be a full time missionary. 

I was in a work visit with a District Leader from the Zone (Elder Lopez) I was in his sector, and we were walking to an appointment , we were crossing an intersection, and as I was crossing I looked to the left and saw a motokar coming, I stopped in the street because I thought I recognized the driver , he pulled right up shook my hand gave me a hug and said' Elder Wilde what are you doing around here again?'   I was really surprised it was Ivan (from when I got in the motorcycle crash in my training and he took us back to the city from the boonies.)  I was so happy to see him , we talked for a while, we got his info because he is an investigator. He took us in his motokar, to the house we're walking to haha. I made the missionary swear to me that he would call him and take out an appointent. Today I'm going to do the follow up.    

This week we have a conference with President Herrera, I'll send pics of my last zone conference :(


Elder Wilde

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