Friday, July 22, 2016

Back to the jungle

 It's hot here Just like it was before!!!!!! I'm just not used to heat after being in  the cold.   I'm glad you're all fine,  My companion is Elder Niaupari from Quito Ecuador, he's pretty cool.  We met a long time ago.  It's really weird seeing all the people I've met, and where they are now,  I walked in yesterday and I saw one of my investigators Melvin passing the sacrament, I was shocked!!!  I also talked to another family I found with Elder Segura that was baptized a little bit a go, I couldn't believe it, .   So the Elders in my old branch, are opening the sector like I did 2 years ago so they don't know anybody, so I went Friday to show them around their sector. I was surprised about how many people I remembered, and really happy to see them, and everyone was freaking out to see me.  I ran into my pensionista at the chapel the first night, she saw me get out of the motokar, and she started jumping, and we were both really happy.    We're working hard here in Tambopata it's fun,  and we're ready to keep the zone going good.  I'll send more updates next week. Sorry no pictures, I left my camera cable in Sicuani, but we're traveling to Cusco this week so I'll get it then.


Elder Wilde

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