Monday, July 11, 2016

This week was pretty good, not that many investigators came to church but we did have some less actives and more people came than last week.  

So President Herrera got to Cusco and we are travelling to Cusco today for a special mission conference to meet him. We are leaving at noon and getting back late tonight.  I'll write next week about how he his, he's young, he has 2 daughters 7, and 10 years old. The mission's gonna have kids in it now.    We don't have any baptisms planned right now, we have investigators but we are focusing on strengthing the ward and getting it working right now.  Elder Fincher is getting the hang of it  he's picking up spanish pretty good, its not perfect but its better than before haha.  Wow Sawyers gonna be 2 that's insane I want to see him so bad. !!!!!!!!   Wow the time is going by fast I'm almost halfway done training elder Fincher then I've got 3 months left.....

So yesterday I went to contact people in the Paza De Armas with my kid, and I saw two gringas there, they looked like adventists or something like that, they walked by and waved at us, and they were members from California and Idaho  here working for the church.  The Californian spoke Spanish pretty good she said she served in Argentina Comodora Rivadavia, I asked if she knew Jake Cano, and she did!!!!!!!!!!!  it's a small world, it was cool

We're doing good I'm going to write more next week about President Herrera.


Elder Wilde

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