Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Powerful Week and a Day without Power

Wow Mary passed her test I thought she was for the record!!!!!!   The Utah trip sounded fun. When I think about driving to Utah after the mission it doesn't seem like anything after all the bus rides I've been on here, haha. The shortest one was to Abancay about 6 hours. but yeah I guess one of the things you learn on the mission, boring trips.  

Elmer is doing fine, we are working on new people.  This week, some couple missionaries came to Puno, to work on family history. They were going to have an activity Sunday afternoon,  but Saturday night I was in the church in the mutual combined activity waiting for an investigator to finish, and they showed up at the church because they didn't have anything to do. They were about to leave when I got the idea to have them visit with us. They went to 2 appointments and they were both very good. In the first appointment the kid said he would be baptized, we're excited. Elder Poulsen speaks good Spanish, Hermana Poulsen is still learning. We went to the next appointment with a part member family in the ward. 2 children are less active and the mom and another daughter are not members, but they've all been coming to church lately. We started talking and everything was going good. I asked them about goals they have in the gospel, the 17 year old said to go on a mission, the less active girl wants to go to the temple, the mom said her goal is to be baptized so did the other daughter,  We suggested a date, of the 28th the daughter agreed but the mom would like more time, (shes a nurse and works alot) and they all said they would come to church the next day. The kids all came and sat with the Poulsen's the mom had a work emergency so she couldn't come, they were all happy, The son went in the afternoon with the other young men to visit people. Another investigator came to church for the first time he's solid, and about half way through Sacrament Meeting an investigator Aldo that before had a baptismal date but had just vanished showed up and wants to talk again.   We're pretty happy down here in Puno and in the District, the new Elder in my district is Elder Maldonado, one of my best friends trained him in Andahuaylas,  We are all working really hard and we're gonna have baptisms in May and June.   

So this week was interesting I think the most interesting thing happened Sunday morning.  I woke up to shower and I tried plugging in my speaker to listen to music, didn't work I assumed the breaker dropped in the night so I showered then another elder couldn't iron his clothes, I flipped the breakers nothing, so we assumed something was wrong in the building, went to church and the lights weren't on or the heating I asked who was in charge and they said the power was out for the entire city!!!  We did everything without lights, less people came 140, because of that.   But everything went off without a hitch. Four investigators came, and I didn't hear a single person complain about the cold or why the lights weren't on, it was fun. The power came back at about 3:30 in the afternoon. Internet was down but we still had cell service. 

I was looking at my family tree and I saw little green temples on both sides of the family they said that ordinances waiting to be done, a lot on Mom's side. it doesn't make sense cause they're super Mormon, Could you investigate that please?   I just had an idea and searched Milna in family search there's a record, there from there microfilm search the family last name in there!!!!!!!    

I've got to  go bye!!!!!

Hope all is well!!

Elder Wilde

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