Friday, April 1, 2016

I need a companion

Yes this week was good. I still don't have a companion I'm in a trio with the Elders in my District, from the Inca Pachacutec Ward. I went to my ward though. They dropped me off at the Bishop's house early Sunday morning then I went to church with him and I was with a Returned Missionary for church. It was a good day we had 4 investigators and a bunch of less actives come to church, I was happy because they all came and I was hardly there in Central,  Then after church my mission leader Hermano Policarpo took me to my pension and handed me over to David my pensionista Shirley's husband. After lunch he took me to the church where I met up with the Elders Quorum, then we went and visited people, then  I went to the Stake Center for a meeting. From there the Elders from my District went with me to my sector till the dinner haha it's kind of exhausting. Sometimes I was looking for someone to be my companion because I didn't have one. But everything turned out fine.  

About Elmer, he traveled so we couldn't baptize him, and next week is General Conference and we can't then, then the next week is Peruvian elections and It's illegal to have any activities Saturday afternoon, and all day Sunday, so there's no church that week, and no baptism. We have it postponed for April 16th right now and everything is on track for that. 

And for the General Conference we are planning a gringo room again, it should be pretty good just like in Abancay!!!!!!.   President Harbertson,told me this week that I should receive a companion from a place in Cusco called Espinar,(look it up its pretty cool).   I'll keep you all updated about my companion situation hopefully it gets resolved this week  That's Puno from the sector Inca Pachacutec, its super hilly!!!

This is my sector -  if you zoom in on the far right side there is a big aluminum roof that's a market where my ward starts,  and it finishes if you zoom in on the far left there's a stadium, it finishes about 3 city blocks after the stadium.!!!!!!

Today we are having a Zone Pday. We are going to cook tacos then play sports in the church,  and today in the night I'm starting work divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Flores. I' going to the Chanu Chanu ward.  It'll be fun getting out of the trio. 

Wow Sawyer sounds so big!!!!  I want to see him so bad, he seems like a pretty darn good athlete/worker. haha    

I heard about the attacks from a member they said they were watching the news and saw a video. 

General Conference should be fun, We're going to watch it in the Stake Center(live) it's just a little later than home for the time zone difference .  I coordinated with the elders to have a dinner after, so it should be fun.   

In the stake there is a big push for the leaders to magnify their callings they are starting to push more from the youth leaders, which is really good. (the stake 1st Counselor said the area is observing our ward's progress.

My pensionista bought star wars 7 in the market for 2.50 soles hahahahaha   so hard to have that in the pension now and not watch it.

this is pretty much all


Elder Wilde

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