Thursday, June 23, 2016

Saying Goodbye to President Harbertson

I'm happy to read the letter.    About Father's Day I hope it was really good.  Sunday we had Family Home Evening and I shared a message about Fathers the 2000 Stripling Warriors dad's,  because their Mothers always taught them, because their Dads had died instead of breaking their covenant with god, leaving the perfect example of obedience and exactness for their children.

Wow that sounds like a real fun trip, sorry for writing late.  This week was really good.  We had a new investigator Ayben.   He's progressing really well and wants to be baptized and we will facilitate that!!!!!!!!!!   Sunday 2 kids came that are investigators they also want to be baptized its a weird situation normally we can't baptize kids younger than 14 if they don't have an active responsible adult in their house.  Their dad's are less active, but the bishop is their uncle we're gonna get permission from Cuzco to baptize them.  Tomorrow I have my last interview with President Harbertson,

Yeah so today we went to the 2nd tallest mountain in Peru  it's outside of a Pueblo Pitumarca. It was crazy!!!!!!! WE were so high up there I had a hard time breathing when we got to the snow, and  my head was throbbing, but it was so coooool,  best pday every,   we got up to the beginning of the glacier it was so high!!!!   it took a while to get down hahaha  but we all made it!!!!!!!!!   

I climbed a giant hill today I'm tired; it's late; I love you, I have to go.  I'm so tired and sun burned.  


Elder Wilde

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