Monday, June 20, 2016


wait Royce is home!!!!!   wow the time goes by fast. I hope you give the talk in a couple weeks,  I hope they plan my talk good so I don't get 5 minutes at the end.

That vacation sounds fun, everyone always asks me where I'm from in California, they think I'm from Southern California and always go to the beach and I have to explain that Northern California exists and people live there!!!!  and its not all sunny beaches. haha

So the baptism went well, Jose was baptized by his best friend Washington (who was baptized one month before).  It was really nice, Washington was nervous but I practiced with them how to baptize, and he did it perfectly, in one try.  It was really nice,  my kids first baptism in the mission.   Also 3 people showed up Sunday they just walked in and wanted to learn more, we taught them they want to be baptized it was so cool!!!!!!!!!.   We are also focusing on visiting the members and meeting every single one, and getting them to trust the missionaries.

There's a lot of work to do,  and we're working really hard,  the church has a lot of potential here they just have to tap into it.


Elder Wilde

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