Friday, April 15, 2016

Wow good to hear that wedding news.  I've got some cool stuff here!! Dad I went to a market this week and I bought a 64 GB micro SD card for 15 soles!!!!! They sell terrabyte for about 200 soles if you want to get a little business going, they also sell external batteries for cheap.  I'm really happy with that deal. just tell me if you want anything and I'll buy it.  

WHAT  more boundary changes dad??? 

I'm not going to have a companion until next transfer but its super probable I'm going to train I hope its a gringo!!!!!! 

I'll send baptism pics next week with transfer news!!

Yeah okay I'm figuring out here where I'm gonna call from too!!!!!!!!!!  its super close (Mother's Day).    SO in mission news this week,  Elmer had his baptismal interview Saturday afternoon, he passed normal he's excited and his family also. we are planning the service for next Saturday, he's asked me to baptize him.   The sisters from my ward also have a baptism so were going to coordinate with them for that. Its gonna be real good.   

I also had some new investigators this week, a rare thing now that I'm hardly in my sector haha  They're all pretty cool. One is married and another is single and wants to change his life, and the other dated a member before and has interest but was never baptized.  I want a companion so bad just to work in my sector there's so many people to teach but I don't have time juggling 2 sectors, I cant wait to just walk around the whole day their!!!!      In my district were working hard on street contacts and we had a bunch this week and it's getting a lot easier and natural, when my district is complete were gonna kill it.

We were gonna go to a beach this morning about an hour out of puno, but it was cloudy so they canceled it. Now it's sunny, so were gonna go play ultimate frisbee in a place called Salcedo.


Elder Wilde

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