Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Short but Sweet

We have a good group of people to teach and its always expanding!!!!  I can't imagine teaching through set lessons, the way now is open entirely to the discretion of me and the Spirit.  This week my companion got real sick one night and he went to the hospital with dengue!! I was in the hospital all day waiting around for the doctors to do something.

They are in a constant state of triage. If you have a pulse they give you a number and put you in a chair. The good news is he got better, and we went home late that night. 

I sat for a long time in his room and I read all of Nuestra Búsqueda de la Felicidad (Our Search for Happiness)  by M. Russell Ballard. It was really good. It was a picture book compared to Jesus el Cristo (Jesus the Christ), that's hard to read.  

The next day someone was in the ICU and we went to visit them. We wore scrubs, and all this gear, the lady was on life support it looked like and she had an ¿enfarto? (heart attack)   I have been to the hospital to much recently it's just a depressing place. Hopefully it turns out good but its doubtful... 
It was a full week.

Love, Elder Wilde

Preach My Gospel advice its good to study chapter 8 but like any book its always good to start at the beginning with chapter 1. Mi objetivo  to know the purpose of the book 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Back to Civilization

The whole mission is kind of refocusing back to the core parts, Sectors have closed to bring more missionaries back to the center. This week we did a big service moving 4 yards of dirt for someone and later we talked to a guy and turns out he saw us working and was really impressed and wondered who we were. We went back another day and started teaching him and his whole family 6 in total. It went really good, We are all friends now and he said he felt really good inside during our visit and he wants us to comeback to talk more to his family.  We're both really excited to work with them. 

Our investigators are progressing good, we are teaching them a lot. Sunday I went on splits with a member to teach Oliver. Oliver did accept the baptismal challenge but it was super tentative 
and we don't have a date.

 So the other day we were leaving a city and I really felt like buying ice cream, like my mouth was super dry and I was dying.  I got us to go over to this little shop to buy ice cream and turns out a member lives there and she was really sad and wanted to talk to us, it was really good, and she gave us both Ice Cream!!  Another thing is my old district leader finished his mission last transfer and 
Friday during dinner the pension (landlord) showed us his Facebook because he's engaged now!!!  We all had a little freak out at the table, but we're all happy for him. 

We are teaching a family out in the jungle pretty much where they don't have power, and the dad asked us to help build part of his house, its going to be a big project. .

                                             This picture is us walking back to civilization.

The time is going by super fast I'm almost officially trained.


Elder Wilde

Monday, March 9, 2015

A wise but not a Sloth-ful servant....

Something happened this week, my Quad (Scripture book containing 1) The Bible 2)The Book of Mormon 3) The Doctrine and Covenants and 4) The Pearl of Great Price) kinda died... I haven't used it for a while cause I just use my Spanish scriptures now, and I checked on it one day and there was mold on it and somehow the binding fell off all the way, I'm working on a solution but it's doubtful.  I don't have the paper to read during breakfast anymore so I read the Liahona (Church magazine) now. Its pretty good. Our area goes all the way to Brazil, but we don't go there. We do go across the bridge to Triunfo and we dedicate 2 days a week to being across the bridge to try to get more families there. The other day we were just walking home and a dog tried to bite my ankle!! thankfully I was wearing my rain boots so it bit rubber not slacks, I just kinda shook it off, kicked it and kept walking.  
The department (geographic area of Peru) we're in is called Madre de Dios, but I was thinking and I imagine the mother of God to be a lot calmer than this (weather) so I renamed it Madrasta (stepmother) de Dios. The thunder here is intense, it just keeps going in one giant rumble forever. Oh and about water safety, I don't like walking in water, I can never see anything and I never know if I'm going to walk into a drainage ditch or trip on something, also an Anaconda only needs about half a foot of water to conceal itself, and can knock a grown man to the ground in an instant.

So a funny thing  happened in the store.  I found some peanut m&ms so I ran up and asked how much, she said 4 soles, they should be 1 or less. I guess people just think i'm dumb because i'm white, I was just like gracias and put them back on the shelf. Our investigators are doing real good, they're progressing. We taught Eduardo about the commandments this week. When we went to teach Oliver he was explaining the gospel to his cousin, we taught them both. I extended a baptsimal invitation for the first time to his cousin.  I was really nervous.  

 We were just walking and de repente (suddenly) Elder Rivera yelled "Look!" and sprinted! There was an oso perezoso (sloth) trying to cross a busy street. We ran over and moved it out of the street and took pictures with it. 

We are teaching this family and one day to get this kid to be quiet the grandma said I was Peter Parker (from Spiderman). So now the kid always says Hola Peter Parker, Chao Peter Parker, and when he saw me coming last he yelled, "Peter Parker va a venir con sus botas" ( will come with their boots)!!! He is pretty funny for a 2 year old.

                                                       across the river visiting a family

Today we're thinking of going out into the deep jungle to see animals. I'm gonna use my 100 deet bug spray

Elder Wilde

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cau-Cau for Lunch

It's good to study Preach My Gospel. Eduardo lives with his brother across the bridge and works in the city, that's when we talk to him. He got his day off changed to Sunday so that's some good progress. Last preparation day we were walking back from lunch through a little marina and I heard a sound like a firework fuse directamente arriba de mi cabeza (directly over my head), I looked up instinctively and saw a giant purple blue flash in the sky and the loudest boom I have ever heard at the same exact moment, I couldn't even hear my companion yelling I just started running it was so crazy. And this was after the storm it wasn't even raining just completely random.

We did a service project this morning and it wasn't that tiring because I shoveled dirt for 6 months before my mission, but I was dripping sweat it was disgusting I felt like I just got out of the shower, We were helping someone raise the floor level in their house, Saturday we dug them a drainage ditch. Gracias to Angel (his work supervisor in California) I can do all of this stuff fine. So last night we had a really weird experience, we went with the Branch President to dedicate a member's house because he had been having terrible nightmares. We kind of cast an espiritu malo (evil spirit) out, over in Triunfo. When we got to his mom's house next door I felt weird, he said he slept better there but not that good. We studied the scriptures said a prayer and then headed over to his house. When I got close I got goosebumps all over my body. It was the weirdest feeling ever, keep in mind I was also sweating from the heat. We dedicated the home and blessed him I felt better and so did he. Its just crazy, there is a strong evil presence in Puerto and its been here a lot longer than us. Just remember that we always have power over them and they cant hurt us unless we let them.

                                               The picture is of me by the river after a storm

The other day for lunch I ate Cau-Cau, which is cow stomach. Blah, It felt so weird to eat it but I cleared the bowl,  We went to Triunfo for an appointment, We walked like an hour in the heat and when we got to the shack they weren't there, We kinda waited then walked around and contacted people, We met a family and started to teach them, I guess good things can come from setbacks.. The teaching is going good I can tell my Spanish is getting better but it's still got a ways to go, Oliver has a  baptism date for the 28th of march.

The picture is over in Campo Verde

Gosh I miss Brother Meinzer and all the folks back in the ward. 

Love Elder Wilde