Friday, July 22, 2016

Back to the jungle

 It's hot here Just like it was before!!!!!! I'm just not used to heat after being in  the cold.   I'm glad you're all fine,  My companion is Elder Niaupari from Quito Ecuador, he's pretty cool.  We met a long time ago.  It's really weird seeing all the people I've met, and where they are now,  I walked in yesterday and I saw one of my investigators Melvin passing the sacrament, I was shocked!!!  I also talked to another family I found with Elder Segura that was baptized a little bit a go, I couldn't believe it, .   So the Elders in my old branch, are opening the sector like I did 2 years ago so they don't know anybody, so I went Friday to show them around their sector. I was surprised about how many people I remembered, and really happy to see them, and everyone was freaking out to see me.  I ran into my pensionista at the chapel the first night, she saw me get out of the motokar, and she started jumping, and we were both really happy.    We're working hard here in Tambopata it's fun,  and we're ready to keep the zone going good.  I'll send more updates next week. Sorry no pictures, I left my camera cable in Sicuani, but we're traveling to Cusco this week so I'll get it then.


Elder Wilde

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Mom and Dad,

Wow I honestly didn't see this coming at all.  But I'm fine. If there's anything I've learned it's to trust in God, and not lean into my own understanding.  I will be praying and fasting and doing everything I can to help.     From what you've said it doesn't seem super dangerous and hopefully we can get it out fast and get on with life.

Well I'll just tell you guys now I have a transfer to Puerto Maldonado, I'm going to a different branch it's called Tambopata. I'm going as Zone Leader to  the Zone where I started.    This week the ward had 98 attendance, and hopes are high, my kid Elder Fincher will keep up the good work here I hope.   
 I will keep working my best and try to be the best missionary I can be, don't worry about me, Dad just take care of Mom. 

Love you a lot,

Elder WIlde

Monday, July 11, 2016

This week was pretty good, not that many investigators came to church but we did have some less actives and more people came than last week.  

So President Herrera got to Cusco and we are travelling to Cusco today for a special mission conference to meet him. We are leaving at noon and getting back late tonight.  I'll write next week about how he his, he's young, he has 2 daughters 7, and 10 years old. The mission's gonna have kids in it now.    We don't have any baptisms planned right now, we have investigators but we are focusing on strengthing the ward and getting it working right now.  Elder Fincher is getting the hang of it  he's picking up spanish pretty good, its not perfect but its better than before haha.  Wow Sawyers gonna be 2 that's insane I want to see him so bad. !!!!!!!!   Wow the time is going by fast I'm almost halfway done training elder Fincher then I've got 3 months left.....

So yesterday I went to contact people in the Paza De Armas with my kid, and I saw two gringas there, they looked like adventists or something like that, they walked by and waved at us, and they were members from California and Idaho  here working for the church.  The Californian spoke Spanish pretty good she said she served in Argentina Comodora Rivadavia, I asked if she knew Jake Cano, and she did!!!!!!!!!!!  it's a small world, it was cool

We're doing good I'm going to write more next week about President Herrera.


Elder Wilde

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yeah so this week was good I'm not gonna send pictures today because my SD card, and USB  both got viruses the other day and I almost lost everything!!!!!!   Well I did lose it but I went and got most recovered, so I'm going to be planning how to send pictures without plugging in my stuff so I don't lose anything.  So this week was good, not a whole bunch of people came this Sunday we were in the 60's again, because there was a parade so everybody went there instead of the church, but that's life here.  This week was good, we are working hard with the members to get the ward going good.  It's really interesting, this type of work.

ummm  so you guys said you wanted to pick me up right now I made a small budget (preliminary)  and all intersector travel not counting going to Lima would be about S./2337. or $708  I think that's not to bad, It's going to all 4 sectors, in plane to Puerto Maldonado. But I haven't planned hotels or food.  

This week we're gonna have a bunch of leadership meetings to get the ward going and It's gonna be a success


Elder Wilde