Monday, October 31, 2016


It's great to hear from you, that's sad you couldn't go to church but I heard you do your own sacrament meetings??    That's nice that the ward came over to help out with some service, I'll have to see the yard when I get back. Send me some pictures of the dinner please!!!!!!!!!!!!    wow that concert sounds cool, and I didn't know that there is a new arena in sacramento!!! when did they build it?  I think I'm a little out of the loop but I expected that.

This week was really interesting,  A youth named Randy that I used to visit with my trainer (he was less active)  opened his mission call this Sunday. He's going to Bolivia. It's insane to see how stuff finishes, from visits I did two years ago, now he's going to be a full time missionary. 

I was in a work visit with a District Leader from the Zone (Elder Lopez) I was in his sector, and we were walking to an appointment , we were crossing an intersection, and as I was crossing I looked to the left and saw a motokar coming, I stopped in the street because I thought I recognized the driver , he pulled right up shook my hand gave me a hug and said' Elder Wilde what are you doing around here again?'   I was really surprised it was Ivan (from when I got in the motorcycle crash in my training and he took us back to the city from the boonies.)  I was so happy to see him , we talked for a while, we got his info because he is an investigator. He took us in his motokar, to the house we're walking to haha. I made the missionary swear to me that he would call him and take out an appointent. Today I'm going to do the follow up.    

This week we have a conference with President Herrera, I'll send pics of my last zone conference :(


Elder Wilde

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meeting Old Friends


I did have a really good week. We did not have a baptism, but the week was still really good. We helped a lot of people out.  We taught a bunch of people, I'm teaching Vanesa and Limber my first pensionista, we're helping them read the book of Mormon.  We are also helping another young man from the ward to get ready to go on a mission, he goes on visits with us and wants to learn more.  WHAT, hey could you send me Jonah's email please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We didn't have that many investigators in church but a good amount of less actives came, we're working hard with them. 

About traveling I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get home later, because of flight delays etc,   I can't wait to see Sawyer,  Mom you too thanks for writing me, 

We went to Cusco this week and I ran into Elder FIncher(I trained him in Sicuani), well after his training he was asigned to be District Leader and train a new missionary!!!!!!,  thats a picure of Elder Yangali(mi nieto) Elder Fincher(mi hijo) Elder Wilde.

Have a great week.


Elder Wilde

Monday, October 10, 2016

General Conference

It's great to hear from you.  Yes I did enjoy General Conference!!  I took a lot of notes, I watched it in English with an Ecuatoriano Elder Ordoñez because there were no other gringo Elders in the zone.  He really liked to hear their real voices for the first time in his life. He understood the majority of it. He said he's not going to watch in Spanish anymore.  I heard part of Elder Uceda's talk.  There were some mechanical problem's with the broadcast so I missed part of the first session.  But I heard half of his talk. He is a really powerful speaker, he came to Cusco when I was in Abancay, we traveled to see him.  He also came to a conference in Abancay and I talked to him for a moment after the conference, he speaks really good English.  He learned it in his mission.  He was area president here. 
Mom I hope your doing well, I'm doing fine here just sweating a lot, WE HAVE TO GO EAT APPLE DONUTS!!!!! wow I hope you keep doing better with your treatments. 

Here in my sector we're working really hard we're finding a bunch of new people I'm excited to keep working but I know the end is right around the corner. I don't know what I'm gonna do.  I'm talking to the office about travel info, Are you sure that they didn't send you it already?  but they are going to send me my itinerary next week.  I'm getting into Sacramento at about midnight Wednesday (11/16/2016)......

                                                         that's a picture of our Zone


Elder Wilde

Sunday, October 2, 2016

More Baptisms - September 26th

The baptism was great.  Lucero was baptized and it was a really nice experience, she said she just felt so happy. My companion Elder Peña performed the ordinance.   Also some other people were baptized I'll send a group photo also!!!!

My Sabbath was really interesting it was cloudy so the city felt like a sauna.  We visited a lot of families, we were working and walking a lot.  We visited a convert family because the dad had gone to work in an illegal mining camp, and we went to talk with him about  all the dangers that are out there. He understood, we were direct.   We also visited some investigators a family that has listened to the missionaries for 3 years, we are going to try to get them going again, and excited.  I'm also visiting my ex pensionista from when I started my mission, the goal is to get them married before I come home, they want me to baptize the husband, I can't believe it it's insane. One investigator came to church Xiomara she has a date for 10/7. She's really excited.

Puerto is doing really well, we are all working really hard to meet our goals and go over them. I'm going to take a picture of the zone, this week and send it home. This week are the transfers, 3 missionaries here are finishing also. I'll write about it all next week. Tell everybody hi from me.