Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Wow. that was my last call home. What I've seen it's good to invite people to activities and then the discussions. Here we just invite them to go swimming and we baptize them hahaha (thats from the old days).  Yes I did get the granola bars, and I did get the letters.  today in pday we played billiards it was fun I took 2nd in the District Tournament.  There's not too much to tell after talking yesterday but we had our soldier investigator come to Church yesterday he's super cool. We have an appointment today with him.   We are gonna keep working hard with all our investigators, and we found some more this week. It's getting colder though!!!!

Just keep up the work, and remember to complete a goal you have to set goals. Like I want to contact 20 people today. 10 before lunch and 10 after to get 120 by week. Split everything up.  We get along good here in the District and I interviewed a baptismal candidate yesterday and he was really prepared it makes me happy to help out. Next Saturday I have 3 more interviews. it should be a crazy day.  I'll write more next week. Today for pday were gonna eat food and chill in the room because we can't leave Puno for protests in the highways.


Elder Wilde

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