Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Multi Stake Conference

This Sunday was pretty interesting...   we had a Multi Stake Conference of Peru and Bolivia and nobody knew!!! We told as many as we could and Saturday night I went to the clerks office and printed signs to put on the gate, we waited for people in front of the church and told them to come back at 10:00 AM.  We opened it and i was getting worried about the transmission. The satellite system was not receiving signal, I was counselling with the leaders and they said we can go to the other chapel.  I said we would never fit 4 branches there.  So to quote Grampy 'I came in and took it all over' I left and went to the clerks office, I unplugged the computer from the monitor and went to hook it up to the projector. and I started to tell the people what to do and they listened!!!!!! it was so funny, we ran a cat 5 cable out of the clerks office window and I had some one get sound cable and around the chapel to get internet to the computer with the projector.  Then we got the conference from an internet stream, and just in time,   It was good Elder Andersen spoke and Elder Nash. My mission leader Elder Silverio was sitting by me and he told me in the conference, 'usted le gana en castellano' (a real compliment) it was a classic line from my 71 year old mission leader.

The other week we also had a mission wide fast to help us out, it was very good and we had a personal fast this week, When I fast this Sunday i will have fasted 4 times this month!! gosh , its like nothing now to fast.  

 During the week one of our best investigators moved to Lima to study.....  I'm gonna leave a big note in the area book for the elders to look for him in a year though!!!     We talked with Cesar yesterday and he is still doing very well. We went over the Plan of Salvation with them, and he was very interested in how to follow Jesus here in the earth.  I talked about being baptized and authority and I feel like he is understanding more.   He had a question about original sin, and I was pretty direct stating our belief that babies are born clean, not dirty from sin. It was a very good lesson, he had some questions and we are going to try to get him a baptismal date next time we go over. 

another good thing that happened, so in that picture you could see my desk this week, for my studies I was just looking at maps and the area books and the directory to try to triangulate old investigators and less active members. We're having success finding them. And we were looking for a member named Lady, I went to a tienda (shop) to ask if she lived there, and they said she did and we started talking and I asked her if she was a member and she isn't!!! I was super confused for a second. It turns out she was investigating the church 4 years ago but didn't get baptized because she was a minor, and she is a completely different lady that I was looking for and we're teaching her now, I think if i stay another transfer i'll probably baptize her.   Good stuffs happening in Patibamba, the less actives we teach tell me there are way more people than before in the branch. I may get a transfer next week, i'll be sad to leave, but i know i've left the branch better than i got it in may.  I've seen miracles here, and also many sad occurrences, Patibamba has helped me be a better missionary and person, it's been a small refiners fire. I feel ready for whatever sector the Lord sends me to next.

so last p-day we went to Ampay again ..... super fun hike.....  those are some homes we found in the mountains where people live, it was crazy to see those living conditions, its like they're in Incan times still.


Elder Wilde

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