Thursday, October 1, 2015

Church Attendance

Attendance was 73 at church yesterday. We have lots of room for improvement. Another member commented to me that there is a lot more people than before, so I'm happy.  

Wow thats crazy that everyone is getting home from their missions now, (question=where's brad howell at?).  One day I'll be there. haha  Yes I heard Elder Scott passed away, not a surprise, but still sad. It's gonna be a historic Saturday afternoon session with 3 new apostles!!!  I'm going to watch all the sessions, in English in the church building in a gringo room on TV. I'll be there takin notes and having a gringo party 

Our investigator didn't make it to church this week, but we taught him during the week and he is doing fine, We are going to talk more this week, but we are happy here in Patibamba.  

Nothing to eventful happened this week, and I don't take as many pictures as I did in Puerto because there isn't as much cool stuff, just adobe buildings, etc...   It's gonna be a good week.

This was a sisters birthday so we had a small party, cake was pretty much the highlight of the week. We're going to play basketball today.


Elder Wilde

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