Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In church we had 79!!!! and hopefully it keeps going up. I'm trying to get the branch to make home teachers, cause that's how you get sustainable growth, and stakes not districts.  We beat another branch for the first time in attendance yesterday, We are working with a  less active convert that the sister missionaries baptized her right before they got pulled out. We are also working to advance a member to the Melchizedek Priesthood. he should make a good contribution to the branch, and we're trying to get the guys out on missions. 

So we found a family of investigators and we aare teaching them, the parents are married and are open to learning more .  The dad's mom and siblings are members so he has already had exposure to the Church.  We're gonna talk again Wednesday.  Our other investigator Ader has a baptismal date for November, and he is reading the Book of Mormon. he's really cool!!! He went to Cusco this week so he couldn't come to Church, so we gave him a tour of the chapel and he said he's for sure coming next week, and we are gonna start teaching some friends of his too.  In rescues we are working with a less active brother that's coming back and hes going to get the priesthood and a calling in a bit, and we start teaching one of his less active daughters and her non member husband. (they came to Church yesterday).  We had a good week and this one will probably be good also.

(For his next box from home) some stuff  I've thought of is rice krispie treats, candy canes, extra black shoe laces. and like small plastic foto album things of the family. oh and 5 gum!! I'll write if I think of more.

For your companion question Elder Largent is my 4th companion in the mission field, and I will receive my 5th companion in the first week of November.

So about this riot they were planning it pretty much fizzled because of heavy police reaction. We walked through the plaza one day and it was just full of hundred odd riot police with guns and shields. it was so quiet you could of heard a pin drop there!!!!!  the next day we had to get to the other chapel, but there were no buses or taxis or people in the streets, so we went on foot, it was eerie, While walking a person yelled 'mira gringos¡ in a mad voice, I turned around fast and saw it was a member from another branch jokin' around with us!!! My heart skipped a beat. 

hasta la proxima semana.

Elder Wilde

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