Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dia de los Muertos

So I got my transfer, I'M STAYING IN PATIBAMBA FOR MY 5TH TRANSFER (another 6 weeks) !!!!!!!!! yeah,  but I'm going up as District Leader (leader of a small group of young missionaries) this change.  It's a new responsibility but i'll do my best to fulfill my new job.   I get to go to Cuzco for training, it's going to be a nice little vacation to Cusco-topia. and I have a cell phone now.

My companion Elder Largent left Saturday, and I've been in a trio with the Zone Leaders. It's pretty fun and they are both from Utah.  I went on divisions Tuesday and I got ice cream with Elder Jensen. 

It's very likely with the plans I have i'll have some success this change. I'm with the Zone Leaders in a trio and we had a Family Home Evening and we shared the video about the currant bush and Hugh B. Brown. I then shared dad's business story, about how he was growing so good then about 8 years ago God 'cut you down' (blessed dad with difficult and humbling situations and circumstances) so that he would be what he wants him to be.  The less active dad really liked it, and the rest of the people. (Note from Dad:  I am glad Michael has the wisdom and maturity to recognize the value of those circumstances and how things that seem bad at the time can actually be good.)

My new companion is Elder Enriquez. He is from Lima, I met him in Puerto Maldonado he was in La Joya on the other side of town, but after I left he got a transfer to my branch!!!! So it'll be good to hear from him about my old sector.

                                                       Elder Largent leaving for home

Halloween sounded fun, I was pretty surprised that they celebrate Halloween here. I got candy so I'm fine. haha.  Yes the children went trick or treating to the stores, in costumes, but Sunday November 1st is the Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and all the branches had pretty low attendance because everyone went to the cemetery. We had 56 people Sunday in Patibamba.

The investigator we lost contact with was a guy named Barclay. We're gonna search out Ader this week though.  We have a new investigator that has a baptismal date set for November 28th. He's a very good guy and wants to learn more and have a better life. And were gonna help him do just that.   
We fasted 4 times. and now Patibamba is opening up a lot, with a new emphasis from the Mission about 6 week planning the work is going to progress a lot here.

Yesterday we went to a house, a person opened the door and I saw he was very hammered, and he then spoke in English and said ' Sorry, i"m soooo drunk' then shut the door. we laughed so hard about that.  I'll send some pictures from Cuzco next week.

                                                     That was our last dinner with mamicha


Elder Wilde

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