Monday, October 12, 2015

General Conference Gringo Party

Yes I enjoyed the (General) Conference a lot, all the talks were great, and we had a gringo party to watch in English!!!  It was great to hear the prophet even though I am worried by his decaying health. But the Lord is at the helm in the good ol' ship Zion.  We went up to Abancay from Patibamba to watch conference with the other missionaries of the zone. I really liked elder Keetch's story about the shark barrier, I took a lot of notes in my study journal.  

The work is progressing in Patibamba and I feel in the months I've got left here that it will get even better.

The situation in Apurimac is getting a little tense, there is a mine out in a Pueblo, and last week there was a confrontation there, and there's 4 dead and many wounded. They are planning to riot this week and shut down transportation out of Abancay. There's been an increase in military air activity over Abancay this week. I hadn't seen helicopters before this week. so we've got special rules to be home early.

Something I'd like for a future package is something called a 'mission belt',  they look pretty cool!!! and old spice deodorant,  just thinking out loud, and toothbrushes some with good bristles.

Elder Wilde

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