Tuesday, October 20, 2015

District Conference

We are working hard here in Patibamba, and I'm sure this time is gonna go by super fast 2 weeks.My companion is just in shock that his mission is ending, and I'm just going to help him as much as I can.

The city is fine now, they came to a conclusion with the protesters.  In the Zone Conference this week we saw pictures from President Harbertson's mission and from when he went back 40 years later and found all his converts.  It made me feel happy for all the seeds I'm spreading here in Peru that will grow with time for me to see their fruits in some years.

This Sunday we had a District Conference, and last Sunday the Branch President said it started at 10 but it actually started at 9!!! Many people showed up late, and I'm sure some did at 8.  We watched it on a screen from the other chapel in Abancay.  Our investigator did not come, he said he got dragged into some last minute project and couldn't come, we hope to get him, and his friend whom we started teaching this week to church. We had a real good talk with his friend and he really liked the Restoration, and had read a little bit of the Book of Mormon, that his friend lent him.   we also went to some other investigators this week that we hadn't visited for a while, when i asked the dad if he had read the Book of Mormon, he said he was finishing up 1st Nephi!!!!  It was very good, we are going to keep working with this family, The dad is very open to hear us, he had some questions and we started explaining the Plan of Salvation a little, and he said he wants to know more about that the next time that we come.!!!

Today we went to Ampay again and I don't know why. it was the same lack and a hard hike. That is why I'm writing later than normal. I'm trying to send pictures but this computer won't accept my camera. I'll keep trying.

I'll keep killin it here.


Elder Wilde

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