Monday, September 21, 2015

Follow that bus!!!

Yeah I had a good week I was a little nervous but i didn't end up getting a transfer today!!! Yesterday we had 67 at church;up from last week. Teaching is good.  We got a new member in the branch and he has been back from the mission for 2 weeks now, and he is always out working with us, I'm trying to get him as our new mission leader.  

We went to the terminal to say goodbye to all the finishing elders and we said goodbye then the zone leader Elder Jensen yelled ' Sanchez has the cell phone!!!!'  We started chasing the bus on foot for a couple blocks but it wouldn't stop, so we flagged down a taxi. I jumped into the front seat, and yelled' follow that bus!!!' so we went around the city chasing it until we caught up then they threw the cell phone out the window to us.   We were standing there and Elder Jensen said' lets go eat ice cream' it was so fun!!!  

I'm going to be with Elder Largent as he finishes his mission in November!!!
I will be here a minimum to the beginning of November but I will most likely stay here until about halfway through December. 

I think cuy (guinea pig) kinda tastes like weird ham,
so weve got a super good new  investigator. He is from Quillabamba and we found him contacting. We brought a returned missionary with us and it was crazy they are both here in Abancay studying the same major(5 years here).  Yesterday we taught the Restoration and he accepted it and when I was explaining what the Book of Mormon was he asked for a copy to read, so I gave him one right there, he's gonna read and pray about it. We feel like he is very likely going to get baptized.
On Saturday we had a big branch mission night we got a projector and watched some Mormon Messages and John Rowe Moyle (Mormon Pioneer and a settler of Alpine, Utah). Then we played games and had refreshments, like 30 people showed up so it was a success!!  hopefully they will all pass the word about activities.
Thanks for that email of us when we were little its crazy how time goes by.   So I'm gonna keep working hard here in Patibamba, until December mas o menos (more or less)!!
                             That's me with one of the elders that finished this transfer


Elder Wilde

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