Wednesday, January 27, 2016

That's good news about the package, hopefully i'll get it soonish.

For those baptisms we have 3 people with dates and 2 other people that could possibly get baptized in February. We are working pretty hard to find new people and to keep helping the ward move forward.  

Wow monterey seems pretty fun,  a concert and all !!!!  Next week there's a big party here called Candelaria.   It's kinda bad, the whole city pretty much gets drunk. For pday we can only go to the church.  haha     

i'm doing good I know Puno pretty well now, all the streets and how to get around. the altitude isn't a problem and i'm used to the cold now, (even though we're in summer right now)!!!    I dont have a transfer niether does my companion. We are going to stay here for another 6 weeks.     We're  gonna have a couple baptisms in these weeks, i'm pretty happy for this.

 that's me looking out over Puno from a hill called Huajsapata

Hmm for reals your thinking about picking me up!?!?!?!    if not the mission may send me into LAX, they send the west coast people there now not Atlanta.  

wait whats the zika virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? i've never heard of that. there's no mosquitos here but A BUNCH in Puerto. and yes i ate a lot of fish there, i learned how to eat with all the spines haha 

I'm going to go back and study my patriarchal blessing.  President Harbertson said that this wasn't a coincidence either that the Lord has me here for a reason,  so i grow and him too.   


Elder Wilde

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