Friday, January 22, 2016

The Pipe Wrench

Oh my gosh, you finally found the pipe wrench, that's good, in MY tool box.   

The teaching pool is quite good, we have more investigators and less actives that we are finding.  We contacted a guy named Brian, that talked to the missionaries 1.5 years ago. He's excited and wants to learn more.  Another investigator Lizbeth accepted a baptismal date for February 6th,!!!  We're going to go talk to her parents about that.  Another investigator Erick is set for the 2nd week of  February, He's a very good kid that wants to get baptized so bad, but has to wait till he is turns 18.   There's a lot more people. There is some big news.   ELDER HOLLAND IS COMING TO OUR MISSION FEBRUARY 20TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  we are all travelling to Cuzco for a whole mission conference. It's going to be so cool. We are all so excited.  

Sawyer really recognized me!!!! that's so cool!   Yeah here in my ward in Puno, the Elders Quorum is working good. Yesterday we visited with them in divisions. it was good I met a less active that I didn't know before.  They are working hard to get the home teaching set up,

When I was in Cusco (for 2 days), I just kinda sat in the office, and if someone had to go do something I went with them, other than that I was reading on the couch, before going out to work. it was fun there. I miss the temple. For Grampie the first thing we're doing in November is going to Skylawn (Cemetary)  and then Harry's Hofbrau.  Then I'm gonna start working.

It's good that the mission work is alive in the (home) ward, hopefully they've got people to teach. Next week I'll tell you what happens in the transfers.

Love Elder Wilde

Sorry I just have the worst luck sending pictures.

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