Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's good to hear everything is fine at home, and that the holiday's were fun.  I woke up New Year's Eve, because there was so many fireworks , and I took some pictures. They are crazy here with fireworks,  haha.  

The ward where I am is one of the biggest in Puno. There are lots of returned missionaries that help us out. There is a rm (returned missionary)  that was companions with a member from Patibamba.  It's a very small world!!!!!   When I got here the sector was focused almost exclusively in investigators. I'm working hard to flip that to a 50% focus on less active members, but it was kinda hard to start because my companion only knew one less active!!!!!!!!!!!!  so i got my hands on a directory, and we went to the pavement, walking street by street, looking for members, we are having success, because the people all have exact addresses, and if the person doesn't live there, or it's a family member, we contact them, and go back to teach them.  This is our mission focus now, I'm not seeing a bunch of success right now, but if we keep going I know we'll start going good, and fortify the ward even more.   For example, we found a less active adult, that is now married, (wife isn't member) and they both came to church this Sunday. There's a lot to do here, and we're always busy, 

How's our ward doing? 

Today we're gonna have a basketball tournament with the other zone in Puno, It'll be fun


Elder Wilde

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