Monday, February 8, 2016

The Sabbath Day

This email is from last week 2/1

hey mom!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!! (2/2)

so to answer that question only 1 investigator came to church this week, his name is Erick, he has a baptismal date for the 15th (his 18th bday).   This week we had a combined meeting with another ward Inca Pachacutec, the church was full!!!  We counted 270 people, it was crazy. Yeh it was a special conference from the stake presidency, they only talked about the Sabbath day, and how to honor it better. It was really good.  I liked it a lot. 

                                        The pics are from setting up the chairs Saturday night,  
                                                       then Sunday in Sacrament Meeting. 

Okay here is a good story, so most the time when the zone leaders call me its some form of bad news, por ejemplo, emergency transfer travel to Cusco tomorrow, emergency zone meeting, etc etc, and they called me and said Elder Wilde Cusco just called you got to pay 16 soles' i started to flip out and i asked why? Elder Flores said, ' a giant package showed up for you in Cusco and you have to pay the overweight.'  I GOT SO HAPPY and at that point I don't care about 16 soles, cause I'm getting a package from cuscotopia this week!!!!!!!

Some good investigator news,  we have a new investigator named Christian he's 14 years old but super mature. He filled out an internet survey and I got a notification in my email with all his info, we went to his house, and we started talking, and he asked me ' hey i asked for a book of Mormon can you guys give me one?' he's super cool and wants to learn so much about the church, we have an appointment Wednesday, we'll probably put a baptismal date for him.   

I hope you have a fun birthday and that everyone's happy at home.  I'm doing good here, it's getting a little colder but i'm all right

The work is going good, we are working hard on finding more investigators. We had less this week, because we're working with all the people we've found so there isn't that much time during the week.  Our agendas fill up pretty fast with appointments for the week.  We had less numbers than last week, but not everything is in the numbers.

I'm doing divisions today with the zone leaders, and Wednesday with Elder Melo, he's a pretty cool guy. We go to the gym in my pensions house everyday.

Disneyland sounds fun,  people always ask me about LA and I have to explain that i live pretty far away from there. haha 

Next week for the Candelaria , we're all going to be in the Stake Center for pday, cause the city will be full of drunks. The next pday we're thinking of going to a village outside of Juliaca called Lampa, where there is a little cathedral, full of thousands of skulls and bones, from natives the Spaniards probably killed, its gonna be crazy.


Edler Wilde

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