Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Surprise Trip to Cusco

 Thanks for the Christmas letter. I'm doing good here in Puno.  It doesn't get too cold here, because we're in the Summer, but everyday after the sun goes down it's best to wear a sweater, because the wind that comes from the lake is cold!!!!!!   

So surprise I went to Cusco this week!!!!!  I had to go for my immigration papers, it was a fun trip.  I was there for 2.5 days.  I worked with the office, I had a good time teaching there. There was a very good lesson with a lady that was very well prepared to receive the gospel. She had received an answer but hadn't been baptized because she isn't married (to her live in boyfriend).We challenged her to get married and she accepted and was really happy.    We're working good here; a less active youth came to church for the first time in a long time, he's gonna come back.   We're still working with investigators. A lady came to church for the first time and she really liked it, 

A member invited us over and cooked enchiladas they were super good and reminded me of home.

I'm doing good; this transfer is going by fast, there's 2 weeks left.

We are also studying President Hunter, it was a good class about being centered on Christ.  I like that talk from conference I'm working on having my clay on the center of the wheel.
 We went to Juliaca. I'm there right now, its fun I got a big pizza with Elder Augat at Pizza Hut, I'm full right now!!  

I'm stressed on time, so I'll tell the deets,    I'm good.  The situation isn't perfect,  But it isn't as volatile as before.   I'm gonna keep moving forward,  I imagine my situation as a big concrete block, and a dude trying to break it apart with a sledge hammer, he's gonna see he can't, get tired then stop, Hopefully he'll get tired soon.

I went to a flea market and a found a girls camp shirt from the Rancho Cucamonga Stake (in California) and I almost bought it.  haha     

On the bus back from Cusco I was the only white guy, the rest were Asians. 

More next week.


Elder Wilde

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