Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dinner with President Harbertson

Folsom Lake looks crazy low in those pictures. Does the water even reach the dam anymore¡?¡?

This week we worked a lot, but we had a very small attendance, kinda disappointing but yeah.  We have an investigator that is progressing good he reads the Book of Mormon everyday, he understands it and loves it, his name is Barclay, his problem is coming to Church, We're gonna get him to come next week for sure.   Our other investigator Jensen he came to Church, and he's gonna be baptized in December also.    

The dinner with President Harbertson was going to be tomorrow, but they postponed it to the 19th, after the transfer. If I get transferred to a zone that's already had their dinner, then I'm gonna get the  short end of the stick. and not have a cena navideña en el campo misional (Christmas dinner in the mission field). But yeah I'll see how that goes.     

For Thanksgiving we were gonna go eat hamburgers with another pension, but we got there and there was no hamburgers, so I ate rice with a fried egg.

In the Branch there's this lady who says her dreams always comes true, and she told me she had a dream, and that my companion is gonna leave and I'm gonna stay here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   We'll see how accurate her dreams are in a little bit. haha   

I'm doing fine last week we went to Pachachaca again but it was still fun,  with a Mexican in the zone were gonna make tacos next week!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Wilde

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