Wednesday, December 9, 2015

One year in the mission field

Jensen didn't get baptized. We pushed his date to  December 19th.  So I probably won't see it happen, but it's gonna happen for sure!!!  Barclay is doing very well.  He came to Church with us Sunday and really liked it.  He wanted to pay tithing,  it was great!!! haha   He also came to a baptism from another branch with us, that happened Saturday.  he is doing very well.     

Last night we went to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was excellent. There was a mix up with the hour. We got there at 7 and it started at 8!!!  We were running back to the room cause I had to get the District Report. haha

Wow your Stake Historian (Mom). I shared that in Branch Council. They said they need to present a history report in January, and I was like, 'hey my mom's Stake Historian' this is super important you guys have to do it.

Gosh a ginger breadhouse looks pretty good right now!!!!   I heard that star wars 7 is coming out soon!!!!!!!!!!!  WHATS UP WITH THAT!!?!?!?!?!?!?

When are you guys going to cut down the tree?   I'm gonna pass Christmas in my new sector gosh  I'll tell you where that is next Monday!!   I can go to (most any area) but probably I'm going to Cusco, Juliaca, or Espinar.  Look up those cities.  Those all need new District Leaders this change.    I went up and shared my testimony with the Branch, it was pretty good. they think I'm not going to have a change!!!!!

Last Wednesday I completed one year as a missionary, I burned a white shirt, with some other Elders, it was pretty fun. I drank some A & W (Root Beer) and had grilled chicken to celebrate.  We also had a late Thanksgiving feast of giant hamburgers.  We still don't have a pension (meal person) and we're in charge of all 3 meals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I'm doing good but I've for sure lost some weight, I've just gotten skinny since I left the MTC,.   I'm doing good here with my companion, we're gonna work hard. 

My investigators are doing well.  We're gonna work hard to find new ones this week.  we gotta expand the teaching pool, we are going in circles again. Take some pictures of the Sierras I'm trying to help my companion understand where I live in California.

Thanks for the obedience advice Dad everything is under control, I get up at 6:30 AM and exercise everyday, and study,  all is well .

It's interesting  I've got more responsibility, to be an example and lead from ahead.  The District is good. I only have the Zone Leaders and a companionship of sisters, There's 12 missionaries in the Zone now.  The last change they closed another sector, Curahuasi, Can you ask President Weston, if he remembers Curahuasi??  I'm doing well,  I'm a little worried about the transfers but I'll go where He wants me to go even if it's super cold there!!!!   Theres a lot of District Leaders with 5-6 transfers in their sectors, just like me. There's probably gonna be a good amount of transfers.  I can go anywhere except Puerto Maldonado right now, so its kind of hard to guess.  

This week we were gonna have interviews but they got cancelled because of a protest on the highway, so were gonna have them for sure this Thursday.

Love ,

Elder WIlde

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