Friday, December 11, 2015

A note from Elder y Hermana Johnson

I received this today in my email from a senior couple that is serving with Michael.

11 diciembre 2015

Br & Sis Wilde:

We thought you may enjoy these photos of Elders Wilde and Enriquez at work in Abancay, where we were earlier this week.  Elder Wilde came to Cusco the same day as we did (he had been in the CCM for 6 weeks prior).  Actually I was initially a little dismayed at his lack of proficiency in EspaƱol after 6 weeks of intense study, but we saw him again in Puerto Maldonado a couple of months later, and he had zoomed past our fluency in that short time and is now understands the language exceptionally well both from conversational as well as fundamental levels.

Coming into the mission together has created a bond between us, and we always enjoy any opportunity to get together for catch-up on experiences or for work, as we were able to do in Abancay.  As part of his District Leader responsibilities, he set up two appointments for us with delightful families in his sector, and we had a very enjoyable and productive time with them.  Elder Wilde is diligent and faithful, and is a great example to his companion and the missionaries in his District.  

Thank you for raising and sending a wonderful son to serve.

Elder y Hermana Johnson

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