Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Studying the Book of Mormon

It's crazy to think it's Thanksgiving this week.   hmmm sooo for my package, could you send me another usb drive, just like the same deal. cause.... someone stole mine. Could you send lots more conference music, and Mormon messages. It good to invite the missionaries over to eat, we don't even have a pension (person who makes meals) right now. but I only have to put up 2 more weeks. ahaha 

Wow Sawyer sounds so big right now I can't wait to see him next Christmas, and you guys!! Next week we are having a dinner with President Harbertson and I'm going to have 1 year in the mission.  I'm gonna burn a shirt Wednesday night. The work is going very good in Patibamba, We try to have a member or 2 with us everyday, when we visit people, and it is really working, my district is really working hard. We're focusing on finding people, and teaching them, like lots of people. In the first 3 weeks of this change we've taught 64 lessons to investigators. We taught the family of a convert Alvaro, he is getting ready to go on the a mission, so his family is more interested. We are going to talk with them during the week,  they're a very nice family.  

We also have another investigator Barclay with a baptismal date for December 26 , we found him, he prayed that day and felt he received an answer and said he would get baptized he believes in the Church. We are very excited for him and Jensen. They're probably going to get baptized after I leave, But I'll know I put in my part to help. 

Well I decided to discuss the Book of Mormon in District Meeting today.  All last week I  was studying and preparing. I've come to have a greater appreciation for the Book of Mormon, and I've read it  and studied it every day since December, and I know that it is true, and that was reinforced to me this week when I studied and testified to the people I taught.     

I'm doing good here in Patibamba. I am going to work till the end, of the change. I was reading the Liahona, and I read an article from a stateside missionary, who was in her sector for 4 months and really wanted a change and I laughed for a long time cause I'm in my 5th transfer (about 7 months), 4 months is nothing.  I'm kind of going crazy here though.  My companion says I talk in my sleep now, in English and Spanish, I was teaching someone the other night ahaha!!   I know my sector super good, like every little street that exists.  

Have a good Thanksgiving and send me pictures of all the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Wilde

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