Friday, December 25, 2015


Wow that makes me so happy to know that Sawyer recognizes me. Hopefully he'll do that on Friday. Hmmm Star Wars. Thanks for the package news, hopefully i'll get it this week!!!!   

About the skype call I'm kinda stressed about that, because I don't really know at what time, or where it's gonna happen. BUT I WILL CALL.  I may call in the morning or in the afternoon. it's a tough situation here. I'll try to maybe get my pension to communicate with you when it solidifies.

I got good news. I'M IN A  STAKE NOW!!!   In Puno there is 2 stakes. My ward had an attendance of 150 this Sunday.  I'm very excited to work with the members.  I have to get used to saying Obispo (Bishop) now haha. I've slipped up a couple times saying presidente.

I'm still getting to know the ward, it's pretty big. Little by little i'll know the sector better.    I'm very happy to be here. I cant get my ssd card in this computer, so I'll send pictures next week hopefully.

love Elder Wilde

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