Sunday, June 28, 2015

Temple Dedication

That's good to hear that Julie is sending letters. When she told me that I bought a guardianes de la galaxia notebook to hold mail!!! I 'm still working on the ruins, but last week we went to a museum and it was pretty cool. Bunch of skulls and other stuff.

                                                   part of our zone in the art musuem

Yesterday I watched two sessions of the dedication of the Trujillo Peru Temple and it was super cool!!!!  President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar came here. When President Uchtdorf went out to seal the corner stone, he was a jokester and was cracking jokes and talking English to the kids, they didn't understand!! It was different seeing him in a non conference setting. He's probably in Cuzco right now. He's having a fireside in the Inti Raymi Stake there and It'll be broadcast to the whole mission. I'm about 95% sure he's going to Machu Picchu tomorrow also.

Yesterday we found out an investigator from another branch is moving to our sector, so we're gonna have a baptism on Thursday!!!!! I'ts going to be great, he's been going for years but just now decided to get baptized.  The other people are on track for their date the 4th of July!!!!!

Our Area President is coming this change, and he's going to quiz us on the Missionary Handbook in the conference ahhhhh!!!!!!

A funny thing happened on the way to the capilla...(chapel)

This week I had a lot of exchanges with other elders. I was leading here in the sector to all the visits and in talking to people. The first one was with Elder Jensen from Spanish Fork.  We went to visit a family and we were talking to the dad in the door. he's not a member and doesn't like the church too much, I was trying to make some small talk and I remembered that someone told me his daughter is in Lima and is going to get married so I was like 'su hija leslie está en lima ahorita, pero se va a casar sí? (Your daughter Leslie is in Lima now but is it getting married) (the dad did not know that yet,,,). him: QUE¡¡¡  QUIEN TE DIJO ESTO PASEN VAMOS A CONVERSAR.  I looked at my companion and he only said,  "they're gonna kill you." We went in and talked and I made up some vina and spoke beginner Spanish to get out of it, one sentence summary. I done goofed bad,  

The week didn't end there. I had another exchange with elder salvatierra limeño a little shorter than Mary. We went to a house and the door was moving and some abueltia  (grandmother) was trying to leave but couldn't open the door. and she was only talking quechua (Indian language) to us, and I'm still learning that. So I was like hey I'll push you up the wall to look over and help out the grandma. When he got done. some old guy came over and started yelling at us calling us ladrones de 'miericoles (thieves) and a bunch of other stuff. I tried to explain It.  He said callate (shut up) gringo and went back to yelling. He said he was going to call the police on us, and then my companion lost it and they had some words with each other. It wasn't going good so I was like we should leave right now. The good news is that in the end he was like' I thought you were Jehovah Witnesses  weren't thieves'  so we were like que bueno él piensa que somos testigos!!!!  summary: Well that escalated quickly.

Those were the highlights of my week pretty much, the sector is getting more and more interesting. 

                                                    that's the church next to the musuem


Elder Wilde

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