Saturday, July 4, 2015

Adios to the Sandbergs

I'm doing well here. The teaching has gotten a little better but not too much. Wow that all sounds good about Jason and the water and stuff, and about the family history. We cant be saved without them and vice versa.  D & C 128.

 The older couple the Sandbergs finish their mission tomorrow and live in LA. I asked if it would be fine for you to go meet them and they said it would be great!! Before you go to LA next; shoot an email to them and say your Elder Wilde's dad.  They're the best!!  He said to tell you he worked to build the Arco Towers in LA. You probably get that.  Very interesting I was reading a Liahona from the 90s the other day and I read something from President Hinckley that said we (the Church) won't get involved in politics, unless there is something about our core moral beliefs, then we would. foreshadowing prop 8 and now.

We're sending all the Sandberg's stuff to Cuzco in a truck and they need 2 elders to go with it.  I may get a vacation soon!!!   A little bit ago the assistants came and inspected our apartment.  We were told to start looking for a new one!!!!!1 YES!!! we move Wednesday!!!!   President Uchtdorf's charla (fireside) was very cool he spoke a little less than an hour.

Peru plays in the semi finals of the Copa America today. So glad I'll be in a District Meeting; not getting rejected by everybody.

This week we had a baptism of Hermano C├ęsar. He just moved to our branch so Elder Sandberg came and baptized him (he taught him).   It was a very good service. 

This week we also had some lessons with a familia and we went over the baptism interview, and Jamil wants me to baptize him Saturday!!!!!!!  The parent's are working on their marriage papers and when the dad comes back next week we hope they'll get married and the next day the other baptism. So since the Sandbergs were leaving there was a bunch of farewell parties for them this week, in one they sang a hymn in Quechua.

For the closing hymn of the President Uchtdorf fireside the hymn was sung in Quechua by the choir. we're so going to be in conference now!!!! 

He {President Uchtdorf) talked about the descent into Cuzco, and how beautiful and unique it is, That's a pic from one of my descents to Cuzco. it's just crazy landing in the clouds!!!!!

We went to a baptism of another branch to help out and after I was out on the court eating food, and I told this kid to stop messing around, and then he ran up and punched me in the private parts!!!!!! Honest reaction I kicked him over. He was with a group of street kids messing up the chapel. In the end he punched Hermana Sandberg and others, so we removed them from the premises. It reminded me of chasing the goats!!!

Other than that a good week!

Elder WIlde

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