Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Working with Part Member Families

 I did some wrangling and I got my shoulder bag and stuff from Puerto today, it's a relief, I left most of my books in my 2nd shoulder bag their.   I could only bring one carry on bag on the plane. I'm so glad I left it in the plane and not bus!!!!!

A family we are teaching  is doing quite well. The dad works 2 weeks in the mine and 1 week rest, this week was his rest so we visited them with a special message. We found out they weren't married when he was away, so we taught the law of chastity. gosh. always goes interesting there, but he understood the message and why it was important, because he wants to get baptized. He was like if all goes good we could be married before the end of the year. His girlfriend was like no, this is something we should have done yesterday! so he revised it to the end of June!!! They're a great family and it's gonna be great day when they go to the temple.

We are trying our best in the sector but it is tough.

P-days are tough. All the Latinos want to do are play fùtbol.  I'm trying to organize a trip to some Incan ruins about 2 hours out of town, for the 6 of July. its called Sawite. I'm not sure if the Latinos will go but we'll just do divisions.

We are trying to work a lot with part member families. The majority of converts are kids that were baptized without parental involvement in lessons. There's a big pool but the fish aren't biting right now.  Honestly our teaching pool isn't doing good, and we don't know why. We're trying but the people won't listen. The worst was when Peru played Brasil en La Copa America. It was like a ghost town here. It was sad; a drunk engaged us yesterday and kept offering us his beer. I told him no because God doesn't want it. He said tell me a word why to change. I said, Jesu Cristo. He went off about his family and started crying and all, we were standing in the middle of the street.  He spilled beer on my companion, but I got out of the way, so we left. He was the only person that wanted to talk to us that day.

So another branch had a baptism, the kid waited 3 years for his dad to give permission. It was a really good service, the best I've seen. A giant turnout. The missionaries sang a special musical number of A Child's Prayer, in English and Spanish. It was super nice.

Wow Sawyer was always super fine chillin' with me, I still got the picture of me and him on  my desk.

About those meters. they aren't to hard to put on. We did those at Greg's i think. Just cut a section of the pipe, slip on the gadget, then they got like to clamp suction thingys on both ends to prevent sinusoidal deplanaration.  Good work with the tank it looks real nice, especially from a preparedness perspective!

This picture  is from our zone meeting today. The older guy is Elder Sandberg, He and his wife are couple missionaries from LA!! They're finishing this change, 

Elder Wilde

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