Monday, June 1, 2015

Transfer in the Night

Yeah so last Tuesday in the night the DL (District Leader) and ZL (Zone Leader) showed up at my apartment at 9:30 at night and told me I have a transfer to Abancay, and I will be leaving tomorrow morning in an AIRPLANE!!!!!  I didn't get to say goodbye to anybody and it was a rush. My plane ride from Puerto to Cuzco was 33 MINUTES!!! I timed it... I waited a day in the office in Cuzco and after took a bus to Abancay in the region Apurimac. It was about 5 hours, not that much haha.  I think Abancay is at 6000 ish feet and its in a valley. My Branch is called Patibamba, it's a lot of steep streets. My new companion is Elder Valdivia from Mendoza Argentina. He's a pretty cool guy and we're getting along good. We're teaching a family and they have a baptismal date set for the 4th of July!!!

We were talking about pioneers, and I told the mom I was related to pioneers and she like freaked out, in a good way. She was all like it's an honor to meet their descendants and she wants to take a picture with me. I had them google Gilbert Belnap (4th Great Grandfather)  and showed them his photo. They're a really cool family.
We're pretty much opening this sector but I'm getting used to the streets a little; they aren't organized to good here.

                                                              picture of my sector
                              my new pension smashed an egg on my head to welcome me to Abancay

 I pretty much went from the farthest East to the farthest West in the mission. We had a District Conference (Conference with missionaries)  here in Abancay this weekend and President Harbertson announced in his talk that Elder Perry (an Apostle for our church) passed away, we sustained him in the conference the next day anyway!!

ahhhh your going to the giants!!!!!! lucky

In my new sector we were at the District Conference (meeting with several congregations) and the President conducting was like and uh this Elder will conduct the hymns and pointed at me!!!!  Luckily I learned to conduct hymns in the CCM and I went and conducted all the hymns for the Conference, I was a little nervous but its not like anyone follows the conductors hand so I was safe!!!!
In my new branch my companion only has a few more days than me so were pretty much opening the Sector here. We're working with the Branch President. he's a pretty cool guy, he can say my name and when he presents me to new people he said I was from Cajamarca (a place in peru where the people are white). There's work to do here to get the Branch good, and I feel like the progress is going to come soon.

I didn't see too much in my sector this week, but ill have more next week.
                        This is the end of my fishing adventure in Puerto. Weird catfish thing!!! 

                                                      This is me in the sector Patibamba
Elder Wilde

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