Saturday, June 13, 2015

Glamour shots by Deb - in Abancay

We were out exploring our sector and got to the river and so we took some pictures. Glamour shots by Deb!   Later we saw a member on the other side in his chacra (farm) and we crossed to go to see him.

That's sad about the Giants they lost to the darn Pittsburg Pirates!!  I heard from my zone leaders here that they accidently sent some of my mail in the office to Puerto! ahh!!
SO in Abancay, my sector Patibamba is sloped pretty much the whole thing and it ends in the river Mariño. Its a lot smaller than my last sector and most of the roads are paved here. Most houses are made of adobe bricks or CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) blocks. I'm finally using the blanket Alex and Bianca gave me here haha.  My Spanish is going pretty good, I can communicate with anybody and most of the time they understand me. But sometimes they don't try to understand, and after my companion says I said everything correct. But they just see a Gringo so they don't listen.
Lessons are going pretty good. We are opening up the sector pretty much so we have big chunks of nothing in the agenda so we use members a lot to show us around to members, less actives and investigators. We started to teach a new family that we contacted, and I felt real good in the lesson, so we'll see how it goes with them.

Last week we went to a hill overlooking the valley. This is me and my companion Elder Valdivia. He's from Mendoza Argentina and finishes next transfer.

Love Elder Wilde

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