Thursday, February 25, 2016

Elder Holland is Coming to Cusco

Hey Dad.  thanks for the letter, it made me happy to read all the good news from home. I'm saddened to hear about (the passing of)  Merl (Ward), he was a real good guy. 

Elder Holland comes on Saturday (2/20). We're traveling Friday at midnight the Zone Leaders won't be there, so I'm in charge pretty much. The two zones from Puno are traveling on the same bus. It's a big logistic operation to bring the WHOLE mission to Cusco and get them out the same day.  A sister from my district in Abancay got a transfer to my ward here in Puno to finish. But it is not my district.  It'll be funny see someone 'die' (finish their mission).    

I'm still getting up on time or even early, but I've slacked on my exercises, next transfer I'm going to buy the dumb bells, if you approve the idea.     

WHAAAAAAAAATTTTTT!!!!!! we can park in the garage???  Wow the world sure is changing while I'm gone. You guys stored my weights, haha just lend them to Dad to use.    Keep up the good work so that I don't recognize the house when I get home.   

About the baptism it got postponed till Thursday because the mom (who is super Catholic) said she wanted to see it and was busy Monday night, so we changed it to her free day. We hope it will be super good and that'll be a shoe in the door for the family, the dad is inactive for years. we're pretty excited for this. I was really clear with the Ward Council, I said everyone that is here in this room needs to be there and Sunday we made fliers and passed them out,   

The other investigator is progressing well, she really likes the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized but wants more time so she has a date for the end of March. The other elders in my District have a lady Martha that they're going to baptize Feb 27. I'm going to interview her this week.  

The work is progressing good here in Puno,   Take care in good ol CP


Elder Wilde

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